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May 2010 Brides!

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Originally Posted by lexibride View Post
Hi guys, haven't posted in a while, but I wanted to add that I'm doing OOT bags and right now VistaPrint has free totes right now for those who are worried about your budget. Today I got an email that had free totes, hats, tshirts, pens and keychains. One set of those 5 things cost $5.68 total. I did 20 orders of this and it cost me $113 for all of those things 20 totes, 20 shirts, 20 keychains, 20 hats, 20 pens - not bad for 40 people! I just made sure that I used their fonts and pictures so no extra costs were added. There are cute palm tree and hibiscus pics too.

I attached a pic of the tote I made - aren't they cute?!?
I love vista print. It is definately for the budget conscious bride. I got my STD magnets with our photo on it for free. All I had to pay for was shipping. It came out too less than $0.50 for each magnet and everyone loved them and that that we spent aton.

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Yeah, it definitely is hitting home now that the Holidays are done. Mine is May 1st, so it's really deceiving. We leave in April on the 26th but I keep saying May and it's closer than I think ;-)

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Ok, so thinking about it, I have all the basics covered:

Resort & flights booked, date/times confirmed


Bridesmaid dresses

Groom attire

GMs attire (in the works anyways)

Invitations are in progress

If all else fails, we'll still have us a decent wedding.


Still need:

OOT bags and stuff

Everything else....don't even know what this entails yet.


Oh man. What's everyone working on right now? Besides shedding the holiday pounds. :)

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Love how "everything else" is it's own category Kayley!

I too am working on the "everything else" which includes guys attire, rings, OOT bags, and extra holiday weight!

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