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Just hit my 20lbs of weight loss YEAH!

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Good for you! I just realized today that my weight has crept up to close to my heaviest. I'd be sooooo happy to lose 20lbs. Guess I shouldn't have had that brownie as my BREAKFAST dessert!!!! (Dammit) Keep on fightin the battle!

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Originally Posted by Preciousmi811 View Post
I am so excited I got on the scale today and just hit 20lbs of weight loss!!!! I still have more to go but it's finally coming off! I went on a Macrobiotic diet which is almost Vegan and no processed food and it is working so well for me. I did add egg whites into the diet to give me the protein and energy I needed. Hopefully my weight loss roll will keep going by the time I go dress shopping!!!!

I'm jealous!! Congrats...I sure do need to do the same!

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