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Scott-Pierre Pics of Poolside Reception ROR

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Thank you so much for sharing!! I really want to do the poolside reception but it is depending in the amount of guests that actually decide to come. Everyone has been so wishy washy!

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Hi Scott-Pierre

Thanks for the great post and pics. We are getting married in exactly three weeks and we have also booked the poolside reception. I was wondering how many people there were per table? It looked like 6 in your pictures? Also the chairs and tablecloths were included in thr $55/person? I have read some other posts that discussed 15/chair and I was a little concerned about that. We are also going to rent the DJ equipment and bring an ipod I am so happy to hear that worked out well for you guys, and also that a mic comes with it. Last question is do you know if you can pay for everything with a credit card? We are just not sure if we have to bring TCs or cash if they don't take plastic. I know the photograoher does not take credit cards.

Thanks again for an awesome post. We are already super excited and you have certainly reaffirmed for us that we are making a good choice for a great party!



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