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Inexpensive yellow and white flowers

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The combination of yellow and white flower is good but i think you should try something different in your decoration.I love white and purple flowers, and also like red and pink roses with green leafs .Its looking so different and beautiful.









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How much was your quote? Roses are usually on the cheaper side for flowers.


Regular daisies (not Gerbera) or Carnations are probably the only thing that will be less expensive. Tulips, Daffodils, Callas, etc. all have to be specailly ordered and shipped in.


Have you considered going with a high quality real-touch? A lot of the craft stores carry these and have great sales or you can use coupons. You can even DIY to save even more money.

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Originally Posted by caligirl1282 View Post
I just got my floral quote while Im having a budget meltdown. I was originally going for pale yellow and white roses which they said were raising the price. Anyone have any other ideas for white and pale yellow flowers?

I was just on Martha Stewart's website and found this...

Bouquets With Tiny Flowers: Vivid Yellow Mixes

Maybe those flowers would work? Since you are getting married in May I would think they are in bloom. Just a thought.

Good Luck!

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