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I'm happy I found this site...

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Yay Traci, you found the site!!! I'm sure we have some other Chicago ladies who have some resources.. Jeanetta responded to the thread I posted but I haven't seen her around today.

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Originally Posted by traciwells View Post
My name is Traci and I live in Los Angeles. My fiance Michael and I will be getting married in Chicago on Friday, October 26, 2007. (Yes, it's getting to be the last minute at this point!) We already have an amazing venue (Maxim's), but we're struggling with the caterer. We want something nice, but it doesn't have to be super fancy. We've been getting price quotes for a buffet-style dinner for 100 people between $7000 and $9000 (without alcohol or cake!). Can we negotiate? We'd really like to get this down to $3500-$4000 and are wondering if this is realistic.
Hi Traci.. Congrats on the upcoming wedding. Glad you guys decided to do it after the Chicago Marathon or it would have been packed. I'm here in Chi town and my sister recently got married here. She had a sitdown dinner.. but I believe as they were looking for locations .. they did find places would negotiate.. but still prices are pretty high in the city. One option might be to move the reception out a bit, into a close suburb and the price would come down. My sister's wedding was actually in the burbs and the reception in the city.. they rented trolly's .. stocked them full of booze .. and took their out of town guests on a little tour of Chicago, while they had pictures taken.. and had them dropped off at the reception which was about 20 miles away.
Sorry if that's not too helpful.. but feel free to shoot me any questions or if I can help out, let me know!

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