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My OOT Bags are Done! Pictures!!

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Originally Posted by Sparkles8300 View Post
Nice work. The survival kit is adorable with the stick figures!! How do you plan on getting all of the stuff down there? I am scared to ship it ahead of time but AJ just changed it from 2 free checked bags to 1 after mid Oct...so I may be forced to ship.
That's funny you ask that as I just shipped boxes to my WC in Puerto Rico last Saturday - luckily PR is serviced by the US Postal Service so I was able to ship quite a bit without it being too expensive. I know what you mean on baggage - American Airlines just changed their checked baggage allowance, but because we bought our tickets before the change, we are still under the 2 free checked bags! I'm a heavy packer so I will have no problem filling our suitcases! Thank you for the great feedback!

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