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My beautiful Tobago wedding

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Heres the link to some photos of our unforgettable day :

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Ever since I can remember, my dream wedding has been to have a private, barefoot ceremony on the sandy beach of a tropical island, so when we got engaged, I immediately began searching for the perfect site. I was very sure about 2 things: I didn't want a "cookie-cutter" resort wedding and I wanted to make sure that I would have a lot of fabulous photographs of our day.


I came across mytrinbagoconcierge.com, and couldn't believe that it offered everything we were looking for...and more! My fiance thought we should look around more before making a decision. We searched for hours but could not find anything that would offer such personalized service and unique options.

Celeste was amazing! We couldn't believe how quickly she responded to our e-mails, from the initial questionnaire all the way up to the day we left for Tobago I immediately felt at ease knowing that she had everything under control.


We wanted someone to take care of all the little details of our wedding day, and she constantly did so, with great class and professionalism. My best friend had even contacted Celeste about some details, and she made the comment, "Celeste is way more accommodating than my wedding planner was...and she only lived 3 miles from me!" :)


On the day we had planned on getting married, there was rain and thunderstorms in the forecast. Celeste kept us updated throughout the day, and eventually offered to move the wedding to the next day when the weather would be better. That afternoon, we watched from our room at the resort as several weddings proceeded through a complete downpour because they couldn't change their day.Our wedding day was perfect! The private beach, the flowers, the cake, & the dinner were better than I could have ever hoped for.


The Photos:


Since my husband & I both hate having our pictures taken, I was a little worried how the pictures would turn out. When I got the CD, I was thrilled! They took so many wonderful candid shots that we never even noticed he was taking. He definately captured the day perfectly for those who weren't there with us, and I am constantly bombarded with "I LOVE your pictures! Who took them?" :)

We also want to thank Celeste and her entire team for the service we got after we left the island. They were quick in responding to our e-mails, and shipped a CD overnight so that we would have it in time for our reception at home.


I can not say enough about our experience. Everyone involved was incredible, and truely do everything they can to make your trip memorable. Even our driver was fabulous! We had a ball on our way to our wedding, and he even offered to pick us up at our resort the next day for a private tour of the island (which was amazing...we learned so much about Tobago!) What amazing service! It is this kind of attention & kindness that made our trip to Tobago so spectacular and unforgettable.


I miss you Tobago :)

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