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Has anyone got their wedding dress cleaned yet?

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Thanks for all the advice ladies! I thought about just leaving it alone. Then I read a lot about what not to do with your dress. The advice I saw was against NOT having it cleaned. I saw things that read, if you leave it, there are always 'unseen' stains (sweat, etc) that can take up to 6+ months to show and then will yellow and permanantly stain the dress. The other I saw is against leaving it hanging. I read to fold or roll it up and put in in a clean white sheet. Hanging is supposedly for short term when travelling and supposedly hanging long term will stretch the fabric out. Last I saw is to never leave it in a garment bag or plastic long term. The plastic apparently causes oxidation and will grey and yellow the fabric also. I don't want any of that to happen! Oh well, my husband keeps looking at me funny. I think he is wondering what it all matters...not like it's going to be worn againhuh.gif Well, I don't know about you guys, but I don't have $400+ to spend right after the wedding. I opted to take it out of the bridal hanging bag last night...folded it up into a white sheet and put in in my guest bedroom so it is undisturbed. Thanks for all the feedback though!

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