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Attention small business owners!

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Hi girls (and guys!) I am in the middle of starting my own business. I recently had the oppurtunity to start my own company doing permanent makeup. I am doing this while keeping my full time job. I feel like I now have 2 full time jobs.


Anyways, Since there are so many successful small business owners on BDW I thought I would start a thread discussing the challenges of starting, and operating a business, and how you have over come the challenges.


I will start


My biggest challenge right now is getting my name out around the community. I just recieved my pamplets last week, but I am having a hard time getting people excited about my service. I am trying to figure out how to spread the word of what I do with out going bankrupt, and getting to bed before 2 am.


What challenges are you faceing?

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My fiance has a renovations business and I'm his unofficial marketing manager. I've had great success with Facebook.


I created a group and we invited all of our friends and asked our friends to invite all of their friends and I regularly add new pictures of his projects and work.


It's been an amazing tool to spread the word, as most people didn't even know that he started his own company!

Now he's booked right through until next March!


Good luck to you!


btw, here's a link to the group, hopefully it works:


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Amy, I agree I thik that FB is a great tool. I am currently working on getting my business fb and my web site up and running. I'm slow when it comes to that stuff so its taking me forever. embarrassed.gif

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