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Riu Mambo Bride to be

Nov 3-10 RIU MAMBO Puerto Plata

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My departure date is fast approaching and It's getting freaky. I just mailed my documents off on Friday. I actually decided to go directly through the consulate/ embassy (canadian/ dominican embassy) instead of doing it through wedo or those other companies because I felt thier prices were a little high. I called the consulate and I only had to pay 360.00AMD which ended up being 390.00CAD. I was soo worried abou the documents but it really wasn't that bad. . I guess we will find out when they are processed.


The only other thing Im worried about it any additional costs with regard to documents when we get there. Does anyone know if and what the additional costs are for documents once you get there? I know I have to pay for the minister but my travel agent is doing that because our departure date changed twice and I had already had all my personalized OOT bags done with the origonal dates on them and she felt bad. But other then the minister does anyone know what (if any) additional fees/ supprises Im going to have??

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