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Anyone using non-traditional music?

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Originally Posted by KittenHeart View Post
candicemarie, thank you!!

Yes, that's the version I want to use!! I love his voice :)
*SWOON* me too!! I have the whole soundtrack on my iPod and listen to it at least once a week ha! Also, 'I Want to Hold Your Hand' by TV Carpio on that soundtrack is beautiful!

Originally Posted by kris View Post
Im walking down the isle to foxy lady by Jimi Hendrix and our first dance is to adam sandler singing I want to grow old with you. I DO NOT WANT TRADITIONAL!!!! Hahaha
Awww! I love that adam sandler song!! Great choice!

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We used traditional music for the ceremony but did non-traditional music for our first dance, reception and last dance. Hubby and I are really into trance/techno so we chose Faces by Andy Moor and Ashley Walbridge for our 1st dance which hubby personally edited and mixed. Hubby created a set of 25 techno songs he also edited and mixed together that we gave to our DJ to play during the reception. Then our last dance song was Surreal by Jaren. It was the culmination of our entire wedding and reception and we felt that it represented our entire experience, how everything actually was so Surreal! For us, our special song was the last song more than our 1st dance song. :-)

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yah agree with some of the other girls.. I think most of the stuff you find on BDW is untraditional!

Our bridal party (girls, not sure of guys yet) will walk to 'somewhere over the rainbow'

I'll walk to 'Feels like home' - edwina hayes

Recessional - 'I'm yours' (jason mraz)

and i think our first dance will be 'In your eyes' - Jeffrey Gaines (as of today anyways)

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ohhh great thread!


The only thing we have decided upon is that our first dance will me Jason Mraz - I'm Yours if we do a first dance. If we don't, then I'll find a place for it.


We also know that we really want to use the Black Eyed Peas - Tonight's Going to be a Good Night during the signing and walking down.


I also LOVE the soundtrack to Across the Universe and may decide to use one of the songs.

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LisaLoo - Oh I love the soundtrack to Across the Universe!!! I think we're going to use that version of All you need is love! We are also doing that Black Eyed Peas song for the reception entrance I think. Or Swagga like us. Don't know yet!

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Great thread!!! I am torn as well. I think after we are announced I want "I can see clearly now" by bob marley, and for the bridal party to walk down the isle I was thinking somewhere over the rainbow the Hawaiian version, and for me to walk down who knowshuh.gif? For our first dance I wanted to do some sort of mix a slow song then shock everybody as we bust out a disco number!!! We will see I''m a trained dancer and my poor fiance can't clap to a beat so we will try to pull it off!

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I think our songs are pretty untraditional also..


For my BM processional, we're using Maybe I'm Amazed, by Jem

For my processional, we're using Heartbeats by Jose Gonzalez

For the recessional, we're using You Make My Dreams Come True by Hall & Oates (woot)

and our first dance is Just Breathe by Pearl Jam.

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We are not doing a bridal party in the DR so when then guest are going to their seats we will have somewhere over the rainbow being played (50 1st dates)

For my processional I am still not sure what I will be using (I really like the Jason Mraz I'm yours Remix if I could take out the first 40 sec. I just like the back ground music better)

For our Recessional We will be using One love by bob marley


Our First dance will Be "Then by Brad Paisley" YouTube - Brad Paisley Then


Must have songs:

Black Eyed Peas - Tonight's Going to be a Good Night

YouTube - Black Eyed Peas - Tonight's Gonna Be a Good Night


YouTube - Beyoncé - Halo

T.I. - You can have whatever you like

YouTube - Whatever you Like - Lyrics [Description]

Zac Brown Band- Whatever it is

YouTube - Whatever It Is - Zac Brown Band

UB40 - Can't help falling in love


Uncle Kracker- Smile

YouTube - Uncle Kracker - Smile

Brad Paisley- She's Everything


I know there is a bunch more but those are what come to mind.

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