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JPMO Jenetta's Dreams Wedding Review

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Well ladies here's another exhaustive review but I hope that it helps others thinking or currently planning their DW/Cabo wedding. I included pricing since it's good to gauge your budget with that of someone else. If it weren't for this forum, I wouldn't have been half as knowledgable about this as I was... Enjoy!


Dreams Resort and Spa: B

Beautiful grounds and rooms of course! Some guests had an issue of some sort with the rooms. Either missing microwave or refridgertaor, not too clean at check in, and our room had a leak. I didn't request to be moved but others did and were typically moved without an issue. Some couples were upgraded without even knowing... that was a plus. Like most the food was good except at Himitsu, the Japanese Rest. Service was slow and food was lackluster. I was very pleased with other locations and pool service. Room service was fine as well.


Welcome Dinner: A

Selected Carribean menu with Mexican decor. Absolutely beautiful and tastey! We had mexican blanket table overlays with a single cylinder centerpiece. We didn't pay any extra for that! I brought colored lanterns from home with battery operated candles that aligned the walkway. Marianna and staff pulled this off effortlessly. when our speaker system wasn't loud enough, on the fly Marianna got the Dreams system and hooked it up. We laughed and partied till we couldn't anymore. The drinks/shots were flowing. Only concern was they didn't refill food. When it was gone... it was gone! Oh well! Hosted dinner on the beach and guests complained about how grainy the sand was, they were very happy to know the ceremony wasn't on the beach... too much work they said. smile36.gif

Would do it again


Ceremony/Reception: A

Dreams staff set up ceremony and reception just as requested. I couldn't have been more pleased. Opted not to do lounge furniture for cocktail hour and it's a good thing. No one walked over there (Ping Pong Terrace) after the cocktail hour. In hindsight I should have set up cocktail hour in the rear of ceremony sight.


OOT Bags: A-

Totes purchased from Cheaptotes.com Contents collected over time from various retailers like Wal-Mart, Target, and DollarTree. I did iron-on transfers of our logo. Really easy and I loved the personalized touch. Dreams' front desk distributed at check in without any know charges. We did 40 bags, max value was ave. $8 per bag. Contents: floaties (not necessary since plent were avail. at Dreams), sippee cups ( not many were used since A-I, we used on our HM), orange beach towels ( given to older guests and they loved them), pashminas cheer2.gif (by far the biggest hit of the bag)... Thanks Glenda. Also plastic shot glass ( should've upgraded to personalized glass).

Suntan lotion somewhat used Dreams gives SPF15 standard, cards, and snacks. Concierge had maps and booklets to take!


Would totally do it again! It was just a hassle bringing it all down. Customs asked the value and were surprised whe we said $150. keep low cost price tags on merchandise and bring a few receipts if you can.


Sunset Weddings: B- $1175

In hindsight, Marianna would have been enough but I had a case of OCD. I planned much of it prior to getting Sunset involved but wanted a direct contact in Cabo. For $1000. that's what I got, plus dealt with 3 different planners. Final planner Serai is awesome and super responsive, she's from the Palmilla. I totally recommend her! Normal fee is based per person but I negotiated since I didn't need much of there assistance. For more indepth questions and comments just PM me.


Would I do it again...no!


DJ Adan Mijares/ Ipod Set-up: D $500

Ok fiance wanted F, I wanted C so we compromised. Adan himself is a really nice guy, but we didn't have him we had two non-english understanding men who inserted there own songs during the playlist. That would have been fine if the songs selected didn't abruptly kill the party. I selected songs on occasion since they weren't following the playlist. I am also unsure if it was there fault or Serai's but during the ceremony the processional got mixed up and halfway down the aisle I had no music. I fault both... just hit play already! smile35.gif


Would do it again... no! Rent Dreams speaker/system and have a friend change if ncessary. Save at least $250.


Rentals: A++

This is where my planner happiness lies!

Chivari chairs in dark wood looked fabulous ($9per chair + $45 delivery,booked by SW) By the way, Fun and Motiviation charges $7 but there delivery and coordination fee was higher. Would totally do again

Wicker chargers ($3.50each, from SW) wonderful, exact shade as chairs. The main reason why I didn't fire them a long time ago. I couldn't find anywhere else for cheap. Would do again

Glass centerpeices ($35 per table, from SW). Turned out exquisite. They used pearlized shells which really make a difference. I was breathless when it all came together. Would definately do again

Orange crush linens ($18 per table, $1.50 per napkin arranged by SW). Beautiful!!!! I originally wanted pintuck but they didn't have! This was a great alternative. Fun and Motivation also rents but the table price was approx. $5 more. I loved how the reception area really popped and differed from the all white ceremony area. Would do again


Tomas Barron- Videography services unknown $600D see below

Brother of Tomas followed us around from ceremony till almost end of reception. It takes about two weeks before we get the final product. Nice and courteous. I don't think he got in the way of the photographer.

8/2/07 Video still not received! Tomas Barron is refusing to send until a bogus $70 shipping fee is paid. This fee was never mentioned/discussed in the 14 months that he's been booked. BAD BUSINESS PRACTICES

Swiss Bakery, Peter Cake B+ $150 dummy cake/ $6.50 each mini cake

Cake was fabulous. I had guests asking for more the next day. MOG ate her sister's and nephews since FOG ate his and hers. We selected chocolate with amaretto filling... it was to die for. I just had to have mini cakes so when the price adjusted I went with it. Icing on the mini cakes also melted so it appeared like icecream over cake but still cute. They would've received an A++ if the price didn't change late in the planning process and the icing had held up. Would definately do again though! No matter the expense.


Ebay: GianinarBridal: A $175 incl. shipping

Early on I discovered that Ebay was my saving grace. When I saw my dress posted I toiled back and forth about purchasing from this vendor. Based in China, this was one of the best decisions I ever made. Custom fit the dress arrived as expected. The only difference to the Christina Wu original was the little flowers that appeared all over the dress. Mine were slightly larger. I approx. $400. by utilizing Ebay. I wouldn't buy from just any vendor, but he was great. I later had the dress altered since I lost weight and needed a bustle. Even with the additional costs, it was a bargain!


Ebay: VeilBoutique: A $30 incl. shipping

Simple diamond white waltz lenght veil. I was very pleased with their turnaround time an dpackaging of veil. I am glad I didn't spend much since I just balled it up in exchange for a fresh flower in my hair.


MyGlassSlipper.com: A $340 incl. shipping

I am such a shoe girl so it doesn't surprise me that they cost more than the dress. I absolutely loved my Guisseppe Zanotti pumps, they were comfortable and sexy! MGS has such a great selection and the sale section can be a real bargain!!!



blah.gifOk as I think of more I'll add more.

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Did Thomas do you wedding pictures as well? And umm what no sneak peak and some non -pro pictures :-)


Glad to see you back, great review. Sorry about the water leak, didn't someone else complain about that at dreams before?

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WELCOME HOME I missed you. Glad it was great for the most part and that you had fun which is what it is really about. Get some rest and find us some pictures. LOl

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Probably Tammy but I can't remember... I was soooooo happy to just be in Cabo. Nothing was gonna get me down! Bridal bliss is the best high ever.


Gina and Matt DeConttt of imaginative studios : wedding photography by gina deConti did the photography. I am waiting for a blog post or something. I feel like Sarah when she was waiting for Juan. It's going to take a while though I was told two months. They edit every photo!

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Same question...did Tomas do your wedding pics?

Was he nice?

I have him for 3 hours for our wedding....photos only.

Sorry about the rooms

but it sounded like you had a great time....

sorry about the dj too.


Where are the pictures!!!! LOL

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