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Did you register for gifts?

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#21 CourtneyV

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    Posted 27 June 2007 - 05:10 PM

    Originally Posted by jesswins
    Wow! I am surprised that so many people are not registering while I understand your points here is my situation. If I had a wedding here in L.A. over 3/4 of our guests would be traveling to the wedding be it from Ireland, Canada, and San Francisco. So does that mean if I had a wedding in L.A. I wouldn't register because my guests are traveling? I am not getting married for gifts, it's not about that, but they would be nice hahahah. I always assumed I would register but now you have me thinking. Also this trip is a vacation for them as well.
    Well, part two of why we're not registering is because my fiance and I have lived together for 4 years now, so we have everything we need. Either way, it's just a personal preference. When I went to a cousin's DW in March, we were prepared to give money, it didn't even cross our minds NOT to give a gift. So it's not like it's a lot to register either. I guess we might get that too, but we won't "register" for anything. I dunno, I could see both sides. I don't think that if you register, people will get upset. Most people buy a gift without thinking twice about it anyways!
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    #22 foxytv

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      Posted 27 June 2007 - 05:34 PM

      My FI and I also have been living together for quite a while, but also have lived on our owns for about 15 years each. So, we definitely don't need anything. However, we've already have several people ask us about a registry, so I've registered us at Home Depot (we'll be buying a new house), and for a Honeymoon Registry with our TA, so people can contribute to the honeymoon if they wish. Either way, we prefer no gifts, but know that some people will be giving them regardless, so at least they've got an idea now of what we do/don't need/want.

      #23 dragonfly

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        Posted 27 June 2007 - 06:02 PM

        We didn't register, for the same reasons as most of the other girls. We have lived together for years, we were both married before, and we feel making the trip is gift enough. We are having a very casual ahr, so I don't want gifts for this either. My girls are throwing me a small personal shower with just my closest friends, that is the most I would allow. We are going to drink coctails and have chocolate fondu, should be fun.


        #24 JessicaM

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          Posted 27 June 2007 - 06:51 PM

          Cocktails and Chocolate Fondue sounds PERFECT!! I guess if enough people ask we might just register for essential small stuff for our house since we have just recently moved in together and dont have a lot!


          #25 Heidi

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            Posted 29 June 2007 - 06:09 PM

            I just logged onto our registry to change some things, and someone's already started buying stuff.... how exciting! We didn't tell people about it, it had to be parents!
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            #26 BayBug

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              Posted 29 June 2007 - 06:23 PM

              We did register only b/c so many people were asking what to buy us. Many people will not be going to our wedding and they want to buy a gift. My shower was when most people bought things. I was so excited!

              #27 MsShelley


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                Posted 29 June 2007 - 08:48 PM

                We did register too, because there are a lot of people asking what to buy us, and there are some people that just can't afford or have the time to take off to go, but they want to get us a gift...

                #28 1elephant

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                  Posted 03 July 2007 - 07:24 PM

                  i didn't want a shower and we didn't want to register...we've been living in a house together for a few years now, so we have everything...but then my sister and bf said that i HAD to have a shower, and that i couldn't havea shower w/o registering....so....we're now registered for a whole bunch of stuff that we probably don't need. i'm going to (privately) tell my few friends that actually are going to join us in pv that they shouldn't get us anything.

                  #29 dlou

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                    Posted 18 July 2007 - 11:21 AM

                    we are going to register because we are having an AHR. If we were not having an AHR I would not register because I don't want my wedding guests to buy us gifts. It's going to cost them a lot to get there so i don't want them have to fork over even more money for a gift!

                    #30 foxytv

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                      Posted 18 July 2007 - 11:29 AM

                      We got our first Registry gift today -- off of our Honeymoon Registry. (It's actually a birthday gift for me from my sister .. but it's perfect 'cos it's for our honeymoon). A horseback ride on the beach.

                      So, I think the registries give people options too ... they can use it as a guide for gifts for birthdays and Christmas leading up to the wedding. Plus, we are having 2 AHR's, due to both of our sets of parents insistence, because a lot of the older relatives won't be able to make it to the DW.

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