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My wedding may be on tv!!!!

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Originally Posted by estella1007 View Post
No, I need to cancel my appointment. He wants nothing to do with it. I'm kinda upset about it, because its a once in a lifetime opportunity. But at the same time I understand his concerns. What if it DOES ruin our wedding by making us and the guests uncomfortable. I would never live that one down (or forgive myself for ruining my wedding.) I can't wait to see the show though. I hope I don't kick myself when it does come on, and wish I had done it.
I'm sorry, estella. That's a bummer. You're great to take his concerns to heart and see his point of view. Don't worry, your wedding was gonna be fantastic before you were picked for it so I'm sure you won't be kicking yourself msnwink.gif
What is the show called, again? You've definitely made me want to watch it, too!

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