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Hello beautiful desties!!!


I have contacted Shelley from Shelley Jean Photography in Guelph about going BD pics of me for DH for our first year anniversary. (that's right ladies...it's not just a wedding thing! wink.gif) Anyhoo - I just thought I would check around to see if anyone was interested. I'm fairly flexible with the dates, it just has to be sometime in October (not the first weekend) or November. It will also have to be a weekend.


Shelley is one of our very own desties - she is a DW bride married last fall! Her and I have been talking for a quite a while now about doing a BD shoot and she has been amazing to deal with! Here is her website... Shelley Jean Photography, Lifestyle Portrait Photography in Guelph, Southern Ontario, and Eastern Ontario | Destination Weddings | Boudoir | Portrait photography. She does some really great work.


Here are the details for the shoot...


For $225 here is what you get:


1 hour with Shelley for a discrete, comfortable and tasteful one-on-one session.

Full use of our props.

30 of your "best of the best" images on disc (you will be able to print these "fuzz-free" up to 8x10, or you can always request larger sizes). Typically you get more than 30!


Gentle retouching/enhancement and colour adjustments made including Black & White images.

A professionally printed, custom-designed 5x5 Asukabook photobook album.

An incredible memory commemorating your beauty and your style!

Includes all taxes and shipping costs.


This does not include makeup, hair styling or a hotel suite location. If interested, I can recommend a wonderful makeup artist. I can also arrange a hotel suite the cost of which can be divided among the participants, or if someone is willing to offer up their home, we can use it as our 'set'.


I am willing to offer up my home in Kitchener. But if we get enough people renting a nice hotel room wouldn't be that expensive.


Let me know if you are interested & we can discuss it further!!

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This sounds great, Shelley's work is beautiful. My FI and I are getting married in January 2010, and I was thinking of doing this for him as well. I was hoping to do one mid-late November, any weekend would work for me. Let me know what would work best for you. Talk to you soon.


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Great Melissa! I'm hoping to hear from a few more people - one of which is getting married in November so if she is in it might have to be Thanksgiving weekend (Oct.10th) so that she can get her book back before she goes! I'll let you know!!

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Sundays are a no-go. DH is off every Sunday and I don't want to have to try & do this while he's at home - plus I am offering up my house so that we won't have to pay for a hotel if it's just the 2 of us! October 17th could work...but it would have to be the evening. What time is your shower over?? Shelley was thinking more like November, and if we went with the 7th (in the evening again) she would probably have them done before you go. I can confirm that with her if that would work for you.

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