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Mexico Favor Idea- Maracas

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I wanted to share my DIY wedding favors. I bought white maracas from amols.com and then spray painted them my wedding colors turquoise and coral.  My awesome brother in law then made me a stencil to spray paint the design and then we used paint pens to write on them.  I think they came out great!! I was going to order them online from a Mexican vendor and get them shipped to my resort but it would have been around $350 to $400 for the maracas.  I only spent around $75 for all 40 maracas that's including all the spray paint and paint pens. I'm also adding some tags that says "shake me for a kiss". I'm loving all the DIY projects and the savings.  


White maracas

spraying the maracas our wedding colors

coral and turquoise

DIY maracas

20140713 192248

Wedding favors

final product

20140713 205526


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So cute! Did you guys end up giving each guest two maracas or one each?

We did maracas and gave one each.



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