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Mountaintop proposal

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I just moved to Houston, and we were driving my car from NJ to TX. My boyfriend had the route all planned out, along with a stop at my BFF's house in AL on the second day. At about 4pm on the first day, we pulled off the highway for a bathroom break. He told me we were ahead of schedule, and since day 2 would be short, we should get off the highway and take a scenic drive. I looked on the map, and we were minutes from a huge national park in VA, so I suggested we go there and check out the scenery.


We stopped at the information center at the entrance to the park, and he hopped out of the car to go get a map. When he got back in the car, he said we could drive up to the top of the 2nd highest peak in VA. The highest is only accessible by hiking, and he knew I wouldn't go for that! wink.gif Off we went, on a really beautiful, windy drive to the top of White Top Mountain. Part of the drive is on a gravel road that's only 1 lane wide, and I couldn't believe that he wanted to go up there so badly!


We finally got to the top, and we were all alone, just enjoying the view, and smooching a little, when he pulled the ring out of his pocket and got down on one knee and proposed. I was so surprised and elated, and of course I said YES!!


What I didn't know was that he'd been planning this for weeks. In addition to the proposal, he'd booked a room at a beautiful B&B in Abingdon, VA, and made dinner reservations in the town of Abingdon at an historic hotel restaurant.


It was the most amazing, romantic proposal I could have imagined. I still feel like I'm on top of the mountain!! love.gif

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so simple yet so romantic. thats how it should be wink.gif plus the great part was he made it seem like you were making the decisions so you wouldnt get suspicious knowing all along exactly what you would choose wink.gif

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