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Hey jawhite77,


I would love to see the pictures you have. I have a few from a sweet bide from tripadvisor. I could send you those back if you want? biehnbag@hotmail.com

As far a photographers go, we decided to save money and have a friend do ours with the photographer included in the package. But I would highly reccomend either Del Sol or Elizabeth Medina. I've had friends recommend them also. They both do fantastic work, but we just couldn't justify the prices. Let me know if you want their package prices.

The main difference between the Paradise club, was a little bit larger rooms, better service (from what I'm reading) and the adult only pool area. And of course you get 1 more restaurant, free internet, different liquor choices I believe and dinner reservations priorty. Other than that, not much was different.

I have done a littlle dress shopping, but I'm not in too big of a hurry yet. November is so far a way. What about you? What are you doing about a DJ? She told me outside DJ's can be brought in but it's a $1000 deposit (incase they mess up electrical?) We are thinking about adding their DJ. Does anyone recommend them or someone else?





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Hi All,


I'm planning my dw wedding for February 2011, and debating between the Dreams Cancun or the NH Riviera. I guess it will all come down to the pricing we get from our travel coordinator.


I am so glad to hear good reviews of this resort and the wedding coordinator, Dreams has a really good reputation so it is making my decision hard.


I would love to see a detailed review from anyone who has been married at NH recently!



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hi everyone,


I will be getting married at the NH Riviera Cancun on May 28, 2010. We did a site visit last July and fell in love with the place. The resort is only two years old and is very modern. The only downside is that there's only one main pool area for everyone to hang out. There is another pool but only guests staying in the paradise suites can use it. We have about 80 guests so I'm a little worried.


Sandra (the WC) is awesome. She has been very easy to work with and that is also one of the main reasons we decided to have our wedding there. We also visited the Grand Princess and El Cid. We loved the Grand Princess but their wedding package was a little outrageous (15-25 per person per hour for open bar - unheard of at an ALL INCLUSIVE RESORT) and when we tried to negotiate pricing they kept giving us the runaround.


As far as travel, we booked through Tammy. We are staying 6 days and we're paying about $650 flying from New York, which is very reasonable. Some of our guests also found similar rates on Orbitz.


Bookit.com has a deal right now for $89 per person per night - the same prices during the whole swine flu outbreak last year.



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Hi girls,


I just wanted to post some info that Sandy gave me this week so everyone has some answers to some of their (and my) questions:


1. Our photographer is Juan Navarro their web site is Juan Navarro Photographer , they are a team of very experienced people specially for weddings they work with Dreams Cancun and Secrets as well. They are very easy to work with and you can reach Juan directly at juan@juanphotos.com


2. Our DJ Service is very complete it includes DJ , speakers ,microphone , MC , mixer and lighting , they speak English and play music for all different ages , their equipment is very modern , we are a little bit restricted with DJ and electrical equipments because few months ago a DJ used a non compatible equipment and burned his computer and our electrical break.

We can arrange if you want a meeting with them upon your arrival so you can make sure of their services .


3. Finally some of the brides are wondering why there is not information o records of other weddings. The reason is because our property is pretty new , it is only one year old . The rooms are fantastic and very modern , our team is very experienced and they really like the wedding groups . I personally have been doing this 6 years . My last job was Dreams Tulum I got a lot of experience there since we had several weddings , however this resort is looking for very personalized wedding service that is why we guarantee do one wedding per day when it is more than 20 guests so this can be YOUR day.

When we do 2 weddings is because they are very small and intimate ceremonies , and those are in different times and locations but it is not usual.


Hopefully this helps some of us. If anyone gets some answers to questions they might have, it might be helpful to post them, so we don't keep asking her. :) Later!

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Has anyone had fireworks at the end of the night for their wedding in Puerto Morelos? We really want to have some firedancers after dinner and then to end the night, we would love to have fireworks. Does anyone have any thoughts or ideas of prices?


Thanks :) jen

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Originally Posted by RachelRoo View Post
WOW! We're back and had the most amazing wedding! Once we met with Sandra everything was a breeze. They were so accommodating with our guests needs (high chairs & vegetarian meals). I was very pleasantly suprised with how much was included in our package (romance), and loved the flowers and decorations.
We brought our own photographer, but the package we purchased included the hotel photographer as well. His pictures are amazing! And he was very prompt and professional.

My husband and I had the beach wedding of our dreams!
Click the image to open in full size.
Hi RachelRoo,
Congratulations on your wedding!

I am thinking of having mine this summer ath the NH riviera and have been talking to sandy who is super helpful. I'd love to see some pictures of your wedding, venue/setting of the dinner and the party, since Sandy doesn't seem to have many.
Thanks a lot!

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Hi Ladies! I'd love to help out as much as I can. Does anyone know how to post pictures? I've tried a few times but it hasn't worked for me.


The hotel has fire dancers as part of the evening entertainment- so I'm sure Sandy could help with fire dancers/ fireworks. What a great idea!


Let me know if I can help with anything!



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I don't know how to post pics and I think you have to have enough points to open the attachments. Some of the pics I have seen, the brides have just uploaded to a website (kodak, pictage etc.) and then just put a link to that website.


BTW, the new wedding form has a place to put a wedding/ specialty cocktail, does anyone have any good ideas?

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