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Newbie still deciding on a place/date

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My name is Stephanie. My fiance and I have been engaged since April, and we have been through a lot since then (surgery, two moves, a new house, and a successful 3-month job hunt). We just want to get away and have a wedding that celebrates US without dealing with the craziness our families will cause (mine is full of judgmental wannabe bourgeois types, his is very blue-collar with a lot of addiction - talk about class conflict.


We hope to get married next fall - and we have a running list of these places for our wedding:


1. Spain,

2. New Zealand,

3. Costa Rica, and

4. Italy


I would love ANY tips and advice. I wish I could do the wedding including both our families, but we think this may be best given our circumstances.

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Congrats on your engagement and making it through some very trying times recently! It sounds like you have some amazing places in mind for you wedding. Best of Luck with all your planning, you will love this forum wink.gif

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welcome Stephanie.


It sounds like you've really thought about it, and if that's what you and your FH want...do it your way.


and if you know that's how its going to be, planning a wedding is stressful enough without all the dramas you believe your families will bring.


congrats, follow your heart and do what's right for you both.


happy planning!

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