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Looking for funky Fuschia sandals and/or Flip FLops

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Okay Ladies! I know in all of your searching, someone has had to come across some funky/cool sandals or flip flops. I am looking for the color fuschia or hot pink.


Okay, this is going to sound bad but you know those sexy bedroom shoes that have the fur or feathers on them.......know what I am talking about? Since I have played sports all my life, my knee will not last long in heels. sad.gif I love heels. We are getting married on the beach - which I will probably go barefoot. Then for the reception and pictures, I want them to show in the pictures. I saw an ad where a girl was wearing exactly what I want but they are in blue - I am actually okay with them being blue. I am open to any and all suggestions.


Thanks! :)flypig.gifflypig.gifflypig.gif

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