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Destination Cozumel

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Hello Christina


Welcome to the forum, you sound like you have some fabulous ideas already. A traditional ceremony - sounds like fun. Happy planning. I know that you will find amazing ideas here.



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Originally Posted by bellaVida View Post
Hello my name is Christina, I live in eastern n.c currently with my fiance of 5 years. We are getting married Nov.16 of this year. We decided to bring both of our immediate family with us on a cruise instead of having a big wedding.
The reception is going to be at the occidental grand cozumel. And we are doing a traditional mayan ceremony down on the beach. I am looking forward to getting some great ideas for favors and diy ideas. Cheers ladies
Yay! congratulations!!! I'll be celebrating my 10th wedding anniversary at the Occidental Grand Cozumel on 8/6/10 and I'm glad to finally come across another OGC bride! Please do keep in touch as I would love to hear of your experience at the OGC and pictures would be great! Btw, did you pick the beach club or the terrace??

I'm having a hard time choosing the wedding favors. I personally think favors are such a waste of money as I'm sure it'll end up being criticised by guests and maybe thrown out. Most of the beach themed favors are a bit "cheesy" looking. I would suggest you go for something that can be used or that is edible. I was thinking of a set of scented candles, or a personalized vase for each guest.

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