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I know everyone appreciates a good review so here is mine for Magnolia Photographic in Vancouver, BC. I used them for my boudoir pictures which I plan to give my FI as a wedding gift.


The experience overall was great. I decided to go with Magnolia because they offer Secret Session Marathons which include professional make up application, a hotel suite, props (boa, jewelery, bed linens, etc), an hour and a half of shooting with as many outfits as you would like, and $100 print credit to use towards any product of your choice (prints, album, calendar, etc).

**Secret Sessions are when the photographer books a hotel for the whole day and photographs about 6 girls all at different time slots. Great way to save money!


Laura was the photographer and she was really helpful. She came out and talked to me before we started shooting and was really nice and natural and calmed my nerves. She coached me through some poses and was really encouraging along the way. Helps to have someone telling you how gorgeous and photogenic you are when you're laying in a bed in your skivies!

Make up was done by Tara from Paint by Numbers and it looked fantastic! It was more than I wear day to day but in the photographs looks amazing. I got lots of compliments on it and wish she could be my wedding day make artist!


I did 4 different outfits and plan on using a few pictures from each outfit for my album. Laura had the online gallery up in a little over a week. She touched up a few of the images so I could see what they would look like after editing and the rest were the raw images. The pictures came out beautiful! I have no complaints about any of them or the quality.


Just so I give my full and honest review, there was one thing that happened that put a small damper on the experience but not enough so that I wouldn't work with Magnolia again or recommend them to someone else: when I reviewed my online gallery I noticed some pictures were missing. I had others in that outfit but not in a certain pose I remember taking. I contacted the photographer and she said she didn't notice any were missing when she was uploading them but would check on the situation. About 2 days later she wrote me back and said that indeed some were missing and they were on a corrupted memory card. She took them to a data recovery specialist but most of them were ruining beyond repair (cut off, bad colors, lines through the photo). I was disappointed but understand this sometimes happens with digital photography and don't blame the photographer at all. She promised this was the first time it had happened to her and that there is no way of telling when a memory card is compromised. She was really sorry and offered me $25 extra credit toward my album and offered to reshoot the pose during her next secret session. I felt I had enough good pictures to not reshoot and so she gave me $25 more credit giving me $150 total to use towards my album which I thought was a fair compromise.


I'm not going to post any of the pictures due to the lack of clothes and this being such a public site but if there are any girls considering a BD shoot I can send you my password to my online gallery if you PM me.


I would totally recommend trying a BD shoot, they are so much fun and completely worth it. I know my FI will appreciate his gift and I'll love looking at the pictures years from now.

Magnolia Photographic was great and I would also recommend them. Hope this review helps some people out, let me know if you have any questions.

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