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New Dreams PV bride

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Welcome to the forum! I too am a PV Dreams bride getting married in October. I emailed the new WC earlier in the week and Marilu responded. She indicated that she is still in the WC position until the new WC settles in. Hope she is good and easier to get a hold of. I haven't had many issues with Marilu but she has been a bit late on her responses...


Let me know if you have any questions or need any help.

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I too may be a Dreams PV bride. I was initially thinking I would be going to Dreams Tulum, but the ride from the airport and a wedding party full of golfers has us thinking that PV might be better for us...


I will watch this new WC issue closely with you wink.gif There are quite a few great resources on this site (plus it's fun!!) and everyone is really helpful.


Good luck!!

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