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Jo 2010

HELP! Who designs this dress??

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Originally Posted by Jo&Daz 20-10-2010 View Post
Jessica that dress looks so good on you!!!!!

I can't believe you have that dress. Its so good seeing it on a real bride - the model pic the bodice doesn't look that sparkly, but it sparkles in such a nice way in your photos.

Pronovias huh - thats such a difficult one to track down as its probably one of the 100's of smaller designer labels under the Pronovias umbrella! At least its a starting point! :) Thanks so much for your help!

BDW magic! :)

Thank you! I am absolutely in love with the dress. I was nervous right after I bought it that I hadn't looked enough but every time I look at the pictures of me in the dress I fall even more in love with it.

Totally BDW magic, I can't name the number of brides who have helped me. So I am super stoked to pass on some BDW magic!

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