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How do you get guests to book thru your travel agent?

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Originally Posted by bride2b10 View Post
We have a slightly different story - we are not using a travel agent but somebody who books the hotel rooms under a group contract. The thing is, once we sign the contract, we are fairly locked in. I think the price is fair, but I'm concerned about what will happen if somebody delays booking and finds a nice 48 hour 30% off sale.... We have to get the minimum # of rooms... and I need to politely "encourage" our guests to book through our contact.
This is the direction I am going in. The rooms are about $30.00 less a nght through the group rate and we get incentives for booking 10 or more rooms. Some of the incentives are they WE get an upgrade in room and all our guests get $100.00 credit at the hotel for food and drinks.

That being said, I still have to ask what would happen if we don't hit the 10 rooms?? How is it working out for you? We have yet to book the rooms or sign any contract. Just wondering how your making out with getting people to book through the group rate.

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ladies how do u address this do u put it in the invites my ta is telling me that the customer has to leave 100 deposit and she prefers it to be all in one payment??? how can i do that? do i want to really bother with that or should i look else where i didnt know getting a ta would be so hard...

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