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close call turned good

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This is sort of the opposite of a vent, but it could easily have become my breaking point.


I ordered my dress in March from a store in my home town (let's call it A), it's a bridesmaid dress I am ordering in white and is costing me about $260 dollars. I put down a $130 deposit and waited, they said it would be in store in September.


Fast forward to 2 days ago, I get a phone call from my mom "Don't panic, but store A has gone out of business." Yep, they went out of business, poof, like that. My heart did double flips and landed in my throat.


first good thing: My mom assures me that a bridal store that moved into A's location arranged with Venus Bridal (the dress's maker) to sell me my dress at wholesale cost plus shipping, total cost about $160 dollars. Still, I loose my deposit.


Next good thing: my mom realises she put down the deposit on my dress, not me and she put it down using her Credit card, which has deposit insurance, meaning we are getting that money back!


Now I am getting my dream dress for a little over $160 dollars, about $100 less then I would be if store A had stayed in business smile29.gif

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Wow that was close! Making me worry about a deposit I have at a bridal store that I haven't been in touch with in a few months...I better make sure it is still there!

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