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Jamaica 2010 Bride!

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Originally Posted by TeNeil View Post
I am finding that the more research I do, the more confused I become. I am excited to just find a place and then get on with planning all of the details. feedback.gif

We felt the very same way. What we ended up doing was deciding what was important to us and we placed that on a spread sheet. We then looked at each of the resorts to determine if they met our needs. That eliminated quite a few. Then we started cost comparisons to determine if we were saving anything by going with a resort that included the wedding or going with one where you had to pay for the wedding up front. In the end we chose a place that you pay for the wedding. For what we wanted even with the wedding costs included and the photographer and 8 days of scuba diving we came out ahead by almost 800.00.

Some of the things to decide: Do you want children at the wedding?
Do you want to pick your own Photographer? Do you want to go scuba diving? (Some resorts include scuba with the cost of the room) When looking at those resorts that include the wedding make sure to note what type of room you must book and for how many days. We noted one of the resorts required that you book a concierge suite; this made the room cost over 8000.00 for two weeks. (Just something to keep in mind)

Hoping this helped

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You're gonna LOVE being a part of this amazing forum!!!


My best advice as you start down the road to your wedding day would be just to take your time and do lots of research before you book or buy anything (resort, dress, flowers, you name it!) and make sure it's all that you've envisioned for your BIG DAY!


And that's where this phenomenal site comes in: BDW has proven to be invaluable in my planning, and it's comforting to know that there are other brides and grooms out there experiencing the same highs and lows during their planning process...a friend is always just on the other side of your computer screen!


CONGRATULATIONS and Welcome to BDW...it's a wedding-planning heaven!

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