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o.k so I went to Staples today and they had those self laminating kits for id tags etc. I thought I would check out the dollar store too, and good thing I did as they had pretty much the same thing for a buck!!! I got 8 of them, BUT I couldn't find those rubber ties to go with them? I ended up buying these plastic multi purpose ties that you see on the back of baby toys and are a pain to cut loose. You can make them any size you want which is neat. Now I have to think of what to print on these luggage tags as I can't amke a logo. Wish me luck
Are you filling out all your guests info before you laminate?
Because like Meyer2010 said: if you seal them no one can fill out their own info!
But if you have all the address' anyway it will be really nice to fill that all out for them and then seal it!!

FYI, you can get the pouch luggage tags with the plastic/rubber clear ties in a kit at walmart in the Stationary/office supply section!! :o)
Good luck with everything!

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