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#1 jstinemari

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    Posted 20 August 2009 - 08:50 PM

    i dont know if this post is ok here.. it's a little OT.
    i was just wondering if anyone is doing anything to their teeth before wedding day??
    My teeth arent bad, you wouldnt notice in pictures but some of them are a little crooked and i'm thinking about getting them fixed. I guess this is the best time than any. I'm thinking maybe invisalign or veneers possibly. i have 9months.
    Does anyone have experience with these? or is there anything you did?
    I'd also like to have them whitened.

    #2 azulskies

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      Posted 20 August 2009 - 09:12 PM

      I've never had veneers so I can't really give you advice about that except to talk to your dentist about it. I think they can give you a really good idea of what they'd look like, what to expect. I plan on buying whitening strips. I've never tried them before so I'm going to try them soon to make sure it looks alright and everything.


      #3 karenk77

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        Posted 20 August 2009 - 09:34 PM

        whitestrips actually work really well...but I'm going to get them whitened by the dentist..like I want to smile and have chiclets smiling back at people lol

        #4 Alyssa

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          Posted 20 August 2009 - 10:05 PM

          moved to the correct subforum - please read the FAQ for 'where to post'

          #5 jstinemari

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            Posted 20 August 2009 - 10:32 PM

            i found this, if anyone wants to whiten for cheap.
            scroll down to the end of the article and click on the links under step1 and step2. they are both free trial offers and with the checkout code your S&H come to $2 for one of them and $1 for the other.

            WS6 Alert - Exploiting The Recession: A Mom's Trick to Whiter Teeth

            just wanted to share :)

            #6 Jo 2010

            Jo 2010
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              Posted 20 August 2009 - 10:42 PM

              We have already started working on my FI's teeth for the wedding. He has always had little teeth and hated them, then had a snowboarding accident and chipped the front two.

              In the last 2 months we have spend about $6000 fixing his teeth.

              I couldn't have spent the money on anything better in my opinion. My FI loves his new teeth. I always thought he would look much better with his teeth fixed, but I wasn't prepared for how happy it was going to make him. Not the kind of guy to ever spend too much time in front of the mirror, i now catch him checking out his teeth in the mirror and looking stoked about how he looks! He even smiles in photos now. Best money I have ever spent!

              My teeth are really good, but I'm looking into getting some little things fixed and having them whitened for the big day just becasue of the dramatic improvement it has made to FI.

              #7 Jenna20

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                Posted 21 August 2009 - 12:48 AM

                As a current dental professional I would suggest you consult with your regular dentist. It all depends on how extensive the treatment would be to complete in a 9 month time frame. I would say for simple correction invisalign may be used, however braces might be a better alternative if more movement/adjustments are needed. There are many factors to take into account in terms of veneers, once again its so hard to say, every patient is different.

                I would recommend booking a consult...see what information they have for you. It gives you a chance to ask questions etc.

                Best of luck! :)

                #8 jstinemari

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                  Posted 21 August 2009 - 01:23 AM

                  thanks Jenna. I made an appointment with my dentist. I dont think i need too much correcting but i'm not an expert, i'm hoping for it to be an easy fix and not too too pricey.

                  Jo-it's great that your FF feels much better about his teeth now, when a man is confident it definately shows :) i'm glad for him!

                  #9 finzup

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                    Posted 23 August 2009 - 12:21 PM

                    FI and I will do crest white strips.. we both drink a lot of coffee and red wine and over time it shows. I do try to do the white strips every so often as a rule, anyway...

                    as for veneers I have read that they file down your original teeth to little nubs before putting the veneers on and that just plain scares me -- Plus the cost is very high.

                    I agree with checking with your dentist and working out a plan with him/her.

                    Have you met Alice?

                    #10 meghan

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                      Posted 23 August 2009 - 12:23 PM

                      I used the crest white strips and they were amazing. My teeth were so white after I used them and it lasted for over 6 months

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