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Cat owners: Indoor or outdoor or both?

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#11 saltocoach

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    Posted 21 August 2009 - 09:12 AM

    My cat is an indoor cat because he's too stupid to find his way back home. Not a lie! He lost his way when he ran out of the house and hid under the neighbour's deck because he couldn't find his way back home. A mere 20' away. Not the sharpest knife in the drawer! Our neighbours have indoor/outdoor cats and the only thing I can't stand is the fact that they use MY yard as a litter box. Drives me nuts. Also, too many big dogs around our area. Calvin wouldn't do very well around them. He'd want to play with them.

    #12 sunset78

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      Posted 21 August 2009 - 10:45 AM

      Growing up my parents had an indoor/outdoor male cat (and they didn't fix him). Eventually over the years his time away from home was becoming in days then weeks, then he just disappeared (could have been attacked by a dog or fox/coyote, ran over, caught in a trap, poisoned, maybe someone took him in... who knows what happened). The last time they saw him he was about 7 years old. You couldn't keep in doors alot of the time after a while, he would bolt at any opportunity, only come in when he wanted food (when he'd disappear for a week or longer he'd come back skinnier).

      Today my parents have 4 cats... all indoor cats and all fixed. They felt bad what happened to the first cat.

      Myself I have 2 indoor cats (both fixed). The first cat we adopted from the SPCA and she use to be an indoor/outdoor cat with her previous owners. She would try to escape sometimes, but was never successful. Now she doesn't care about outside, she's quite content being inside. Both are quite happy to me as being indoor cats.

      I would never forgive myself if I let them out and they were killed. Besides them being safe and secure, it will greatly cut the chances of them becoming ill and insures a longer life. Also you don't want to tick people off... I have heard of people complain about cats in their garbage, using the sandbox/garden as the littler box. I have also heard from an owner about a cat being poisoned.

      Plus here it's against by-law to have any pet roam at large. If they are caught by animal control you have to pay over $100 everytime to get your pet released.

      #13 KLC77

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        Posted 21 August 2009 - 11:04 AM

        We always had indoor/ outdoor cats when I was little. Now I have two indoor only cats and they are perfectly happy inside. I don't think I would ever have an indoor/ outdoor cat again. They tend to come back with mysterious injuries which sometimes equal large vet bills, plus they are more likely to have ticks or fleas on them (even using frontline). The worst part about having cats that go outdoors for me was that 2 of our cats just never came back (after many years of going outside). Its terrible wondering what happened to them. So, for those reasons I vote indoor only.

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        #14 autjo

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          Posted 21 August 2009 - 11:07 AM

          We have cats and they are all indoor only because we live in the middle of the desert and the coyotes tend to eat all of the little unattended pets. Our cats do hang out on the patio with us, but really they don't like to be outside.

          Can't wait to see pics of your new kitty :)

          #15 Debs

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            Posted 21 August 2009 - 11:35 AM

            Wow everyone thanks for the imput! I see the overwhelming majority is for indoor cat! I think I'll take your advice!!

            The kittens are just born, so it will be 6-8 weeks I guess which is the norm. They are really cute though! They are a really fluffy gray colour!

            #16 Chiquita

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              Posted 21 August 2009 - 12:11 PM

              Hi Debbie. I've had both indoor/outdoor cats and most recently we have 2 indoor cats :)

              My indoor/outdoor cat lived to be 16. She always came home every night without fail because she knew where the food and comfort was! However she was killed by our neighbours' dog one morning when he went out without a leash and for that reason I vowed never to have an outdoor cat again.

              If you really want them to experience the outdoors you can always just bring them out with you on a leash so they can't go far. If you get them trained young they may look forward to the leash walks or time outside.. heh.

              My 2 indoor babies now enjoy going out on the porch but we are in a city and the noises are too much for them sometimes. Also we are on the fourth floor so they like being high and looking around but they only stay out on the porch if it gets too hot in the condo.

              Good luck and can't wait to see pics of your new fur baby!!! :)

              #17 Birdie07

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                Posted 23 August 2009 - 02:13 AM

                I have 2 cats. They are both indoors. First, I live in the country and there is too much wildlife for our cats to be out. They would die. No lie we have mountain lions. Second our cat got very sick. He had his first vaccine and had a reaction and he almost died. So our vet recommended no more vax's for him (which I was very glad for). So they could contact something from another cat outside which wouldn't be good. Plus the cat who almost died is now handicapped and cannot walk or run very well and can't jump at all. He wouldn't be able to defend himself.

                Our second cat though has become an escape artist. So to fix the problem we are enclosing our front porch and they have a kitty door. So they will be "outside" but not able to escape. The lady I got our cat from did the same thing. She had a window in her garage that was open and then a pen outside made from chicken wire and cat climbing posts so the cats can go outside but not run free. It's what helped make our idea. Plus it puts the litter boxes outside and not in the house!

                #18 Emily&Matt

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                  Posted 01 September 2009 - 01:44 PM

                  We have both indoor and outdoor cats since we feed & spay/neuter strays. They say indoor cats have a lifespan of 12 years and outdoor cats have a lifespan of 4 years. I think that is pretty much true....so if you can keep your kitty indoors, it will live longer.

                  #19 itsfinallyhere

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                    Posted 01 September 2009 - 02:19 PM

                    I have had both too. I have to say thought that I believe an outdooer cat has a better quality of life. They definately seem happier and healthier (less likey to be over weight). As far as training them goes. Keep the little guy indoors until he is a few months old. He will know where he lives and will probably not go far at first. Also cats can be trained to come when called. I found "pounce" cat treats to be an excellent incentive to learn this trick. When first letting the kitten out, be sure to go out with it. Take abook or do some yard work (gardening etc). That way you can keep an eye on the little fella when he is first out. If you go in first leave the door ajar for easy entry. I have never had any issues with my cat going out, they always came back. It is just very difficult to do this after moving with them, but not impossible. Good Luck. Your are in for a lot of laughs!

                    #20 Jess

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                      Posted 01 September 2009 - 04:37 PM

                      yeah I've had both as well - usually when we had outdoor/indoor cats they went outside later on and found their way back. Be careful with the country though - do you have coyotes? I know we did even not in the country.

                      Now I have an indoor cat only - and I feel bad because I know she wants to go outside, but it is a lot safer. And she has a lot of allergies so it is better to keep her inside.

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