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Palace Resort Wedding Group Contract Issue

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Not sure where to post and did post it a couple places.


Did any of you prior Palace brides or TAs have any problems with the items promised in a Palace group contract?


Our contract read if we had 20 rooms times 3 nights OR 60 total room nights, the hotel agrees to provide a complimentary private function (our reception) plus 4 complimentary nights. They did inform us before hand that the nights would not be deducted from our bill but refunded afterwards.


It also read if we had 25 rooms times 3 nights or 75 room nights and the hotel agrees to provide unlimited private functions plus 7 complimentary nights.


We had 62 room nights and are having a problem getting the refund for the complimentary nights. They did give us our private function the day of the wedding but now Palace is telling us if they comp the 4 rooms nights we no longer have the 60 nights.


Did anyone else have this problem? The contract our TA provided us seems to be pretty clear on this. It states 60 paid room nights, not 64 so they can deduct 4 and still have 60. Our TA is currently trying to get to the bottom of this issue too.

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