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Originally Posted by tvt View Post
I love these!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not cheesy at all!

We're doing something similiar...but just the post card. Do you have a template for your post card? I'd love to print our own but I'm not totally tech savy.
I did it in Word format because I started it at work then finished it home. I'm not that savy either, but I won't lie. I did argue with the printer for awhile. For whatever reason, it disagreed with me, but we worked it out. I'll be happy to send you what I have.

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Originally Posted by Waiting_for_Sunshine View Post
I handed out a bunch today at work (I'm fortunate that a lot of family and friends works at the same place I do-a casino). My boss LOVED them and proceeded to take it around the office and show everyone. I kinda felt bad because we only invited a select few of our coworkers, but I think they weren't thinking they should be invited- it was only my own guilt. This is the hard part about weddings- You want to invite all, but you can't.

BUT everyone I gave them to thought it really clever and seemed excited about the wedding. This is exactly the reaction I wanted- get everyone excited which encourages them to go!
Aww I love that your boss was showing them off so much. So sweet!

Btw - least cheesy idea ever. That's so great, and so creative. You deserve a pat on the back for the unique idea!!! Well done! cheesy.gif

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