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Opinions needed on dresses...

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Originally Posted by midnight24 View Post
i absolutely think #1 looks the best from the front & back on you.

the sweetheat neckline really makes a huge impact compared to the other 2 in my opinion! the shape of the dress seems to flatter you more as well.

who is the designer?
Thank you. The designer is Allure-here is the website if you want to see it on the model, but I think it looks completely different in this picture: Exclusive Bridals by Allure

Thank you everyone for the opinions. You guys have been so helpful! When I was at the store all the workers & my family/friends said they liked #1 the best on me...I think I like the front the best, but I'm torn b/c I love the back of #2. Agh...too many decisions! lol

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DEF #3!!!!!!!!!! #2 brings the eyes to the bust too much, and too much bling in one area, #1 is o.k #3 is soooo elegant, beautiful I think it's perfect on you

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