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Moon Palace 2010 Brides!!

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#1551 orionandmari072510

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    Posted 03 June 2010 - 08:07 AM

    Originally Posted by Jodimichelle
    Hello Moon Palace girls!!

    It has been very crazy for me this past few weeks. Trying to close on a house...had my AWESOME bachlorette party! My fiance had his bachlore party last weekend and got BADLY beaten and assaulted by staff members for no reason (we have witnesses). We had to get lawyers..we are going to catch these guys!

    Brighter NOTE: We got legally married on Friday !!!!ya for us!! We tried to keep it a secret, but we were too excited to keep it from our friends!!

    So NOW back to wedding planning!

    Those who have gotten married or who will be getting married...without a MC, but had the speakers and used their IPOD- who announced the bride and groom and things like that.. your first dance etc etc?? Did it seem weird using an IPOD without a DJ/MC?

    o shoot! i hope your fiancee is ok!

    #1552 orionandmari072510

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      Posted 03 June 2010 - 08:17 AM

      Originally Posted by Jodimichelle
      I am trying to take it easy and not get too overwhelmed regarding planning, but it is so difficult. I understand that as soon as we get there they will accommodate us. Sigh sigh.. FED EX. that would be awesome!! And how do we send it and to where and to attention to This would be great.

      Food choices... has anyone decided on that??

      I am just going to print everything I want out, and hope for the best!!!
      i think there is something on the wedding contract that states they dont receive packages at the moon palace, but i guess if you are sending it to the actual fed ex office, that may be different. its a risky chance tho!

      #1553 orionandmari072510

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        Posted 03 June 2010 - 08:21 AM

        Originally Posted by Carly022010
        Hi there, I know that you can either leave your welcome baskets at the front desk or you can pay a $3 delivery charge.

        I'm still finishing my baskets, so far I have

        hand sanitizer
        little customized packets of Margarita mix
        funny sunglasses
        Thank you note

        I feel like i'm missing some stuff!

        what are you girls putting in yours?
        thats a cute idea! im thinking of doing the same but as a basket with favors and even a program of day to day events.

        #1554 alison15

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          Posted 03 June 2010 - 08:31 AM

          Originally Posted by Mrs D To Be!
          Hi girls...I'm at Le Blanc just now on honeymoon...miss moon palace sooo much...it was all sooo perfect!

          Just want to give one piece of advise for any brides-to-be before I get round to doing a review....make a list of all the photos you want and give to your photographer....I read this advise soo much on this site and didn't do it because I had the attitude that the photographer would know what to do....however if you want specific photos, you need to let your photographer know! I completely forgot about a few photos, and am kinda sad about it...although I know my photos are gonna be amazing without them, I wish i'd remembered...just silly ones like when all the men lift the bride up, or when everyone is running into the sea....I thought I'd remember everything because I was soo into the photos...however on the day my mind just went blank!

          Just wanted to share my wisdom for any forthcoming brides....get an email sent to your photographer with some bullet points..or get a list printed to give them on the day :)
          Did you use the Moon Palace photographer? That is a good idea though, I don't want to regret not getting certain photos.

          #1555 Woodsylou

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            Posted 03 June 2010 - 08:37 AM

            Brooke - where did you do things like first dance etc? x
            a UK bride :)

            35 fabulous people booked! 31 at The Moon Palace, 4 offsite! YAY!

            My planning thread! http://bestdestinati....k-bride-61178/

            #1556 orionandmari072510

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              Posted 03 June 2010 - 08:50 AM

              Originally Posted by Janelley100
              OK....I don't mean to alarm anyone....but just in case you haven't seen the news lately....the producer of the show Survivor has been accused of by the Mexican government of the murder of his wife AT MOON PALACE. Her body was found today in a gutter at Moon Palace in Cancun. OK.....so my guests are freaking out now. I've already heard..."Quite the up-scale place you picked Chelle!"

              OK PEople...this is not a random killing...this is a domestic murder at a resort, which is what I am reminding everyone of. But seriously.....none of us really needed this to happen at the resort we are getting married at. Shit will happen....but Geez...why on my watch!

              Had to vent. Sorry.
              WHAT! omg! well, im sure there are crime scenes all over cancun, so you can always tell them that when it comes to partying and clubbing in the city. ultimately even if something happend at the resort it should not raise an alarm. murders happen in my hometown and i still live here safely.

              i think guests may either be really concerned and worried.... or finding info to make you feel bad, probably steamed off of jealousy. we have seen that already in our wedding. one girl kept talking trash about what we are doing. she is just comparing our wedding to hers that is also coming up.

              #1557 orionandmari072510

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                Posted 03 June 2010 - 09:04 AM

                Originally Posted by NJ Hunnie
                Here you go ladies, hope this helps!

                Beauty Salon Services Nizuc & Sunrise 2010

                Nailcare Services
                TimeDescription Individual
                25 MINPALACE EXPRESS MANICURE $23.00
                50 MINDELUXE SPA MANICURE $49.00
                26 MINPALACE EXPRESS PEDICURE $27.00
                50 MINDELUXE SPA PEDICURE $54.00
                80 MINHOT STONE PEDICURE $59.00
                110 MINFULL SET OF ACRYLIC NAILS $49.00
                50 MINACRYLIC NAILS REFILL $32.00
                25 MINACRYLIC NAIL REPAIR $8.00
                25 MINPOLISH CHANGE $8.00
                50 MIN REMOVE ACRILYC NAILS $22.00

                Cuts & Color Services
                25 MINMEN'S HAIR CUT $22.00
                25 MINMEN'S HAIR CUT CLIPPER $18.00
                50 MIN WOMAN'S HAIR CUT $29.00
                25 MINCHILDREN'S HAIR CUT $17.00
                25 MINTRIM $11.00
                80 MINCOLOR - SHORT HAIR $52.00
                110 MIN COLOR - MEDIUM HAIR $62.00
                140 MIN COLOR - LONG HAIR $73.00
                110 MIN HIGHLIGHTS- SHORT HAIR $64.00
                140 MIN HIGHLIGHTS - MEDIUM HAIR $98.00
                170 MIN HIGHLIGHTS - LONG HAIR $130.00

                Hair Style & Hair Treatments
                50 MINSHAMPOO & BLOW DRY $36.00
                80 MINSTRAIGHT HAIR STYLE $42.00
                80 MINBRIDAL UP- DO $42.00
                80 MINPRACTICE BRIDAL UP-DO $49.00
                80 MINSPECIAL HAIR STYLE $42.00
                25 MINNUTRITIVE SCALP TREATMENT $32.00
                25 MINRESISTANCE SCALP TREATMENT $32.00

                50 MIN MAKE-UP $44.00

                50 MINLEG - FULL WAX $32.00
                25 MINLEG - HALF WAX $22.00
                25 MINBIKINI - WAX $17.00
                25 MINUNDERARM - WAX $17.00
                10 MINUPPER LIP - WAX $11.00
                25 MINEYEBROW - WAX $16.00
                25 MINCHIN - WAX $16.00

                140 MIN ADULT (LONG HAIR) $108.00
                140 MIN ADULT (LONG HAIR) $108.00
                50 MIN CHILD UNDER 5 YEARS OLD (HALF) $32.00
                50 MIN CHILD UNDER 5 YEARS OLD (HALF) $32.00
                50 MIN ADULT (HALF) $44.00
                50 MIN ADULT (HALF) $44.00
                80 MIN CHILD UNDER 5 YEARS OLD (FULL) $64.00
                80 MIN CHILD UNDER 5 YEARS OLD (FULL) $64.00
                110 MIN ADULT (FULL) $76.00
                110 MIN ADULT (FULL) $76.00
                25 MINFRENCH STYLE $17.00
                25 MINFRENCH STYLE $17.00
                15 MIN 4 braids $16.00
                __________________________________________________ ______________________
                oh thanks for sharing! this is very helpful!

                #1558 orionandmari072510

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                  Posted 03 June 2010 - 09:25 AM

                  Originally Posted by doblauvelt
                  That is one of the reasons why I chose to switch from the emerald to the complimentary package. I don't want to have to pay extra if I want to change any part of the package... so I will also add as I go! Besides, by doing so I've calculated to save about $1000 in which I intend to spend elsewhere!
                  Thats what we are doing too! So exciting!

                  #1559 Mrs D To Be!

                  Mrs D To Be!
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                    Posted 03 June 2010 - 02:24 PM

                    Originally Posted by alison15
                    Did you use the Moon Palace photographer? That is a good idea though, I don't want to regret not getting certain photos.
                    No we brought our own photographer which annoys me even more because we paid a fortune...but its my own fault....it has been suggested on here time and time again about making a list to give to your photographer, but me being me thought I knew better, and didn't want to come over all bridezilla like. But looking back, it wouldn't have at all, it would just have gave our photographers an idea of what we were looking for. DOH!!!

                    #1560 Miss Lighting Bug

                    Miss Lighting Bug
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                      Posted 03 June 2010 - 03:18 PM

                      For those that got the complementary wedding package...is the beach setup in white included? Is it big and flowy like the "packaged" weddings. Some photos I see the fabric looks like it is less than that on the pictures the resort sends. This flowy look is exactly what I want. I want most things in the packages so buying a package is not a major concern of mine...but if I can get the same or very similar look with add ons for less...why not. I will still need to add some things to the packages..like music and some purchases from home like centerpieces. Any advice?

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