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Amateur Destination Wedding Photographers

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Hi Bitohoney


I'm not sure if you booked someone yet...


I went with Bruce Southwick of Zoom Fiji - I love his use of colour. I have also heard really good things about Yoshi from oceanstudio.


The photographer that I am getting to do my engagement shoot at home - Janine Kaye, only just mentioned to me that she would LOVE to do a desination wedding. http://www.janinekaye.com.au/#

Her work is amazing! I know a couple who have used her before for their engagement shoot and wedding.


May be worth a contacting as I know she was gutted when she found out that we had already booked our pgotographer in Fiji... Anyway, if you do, let her know that I told you about her :)

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I know someone has said this before in another thread but I would look around for photographers whose style you like and contact them to see if, a. they are available on that date, and b. if they have any specials for destination weddings. You never know since most photographers love to travel (traveling and photography go together) and may already be planning a trip to that area at the same time. A long shot but you never know. For example, I will be in Mexico four times within the next 12 months and would definitely be more reasonable price wise to shoot a wedding there if it was at the same time that I was already planning to go :)

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