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why hire a travel agent???

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I'm just curious as to why the other brides decided to hire a travel agent. My sister did a destination wedding, use a TA, and she felt like it would have been cheaper and unneccessary.

Do they charge you anything besides booking?

Are their prices cheaper, or more expensive then just booking online?

What are the perks?


Just contemplating here. I feel like we will be fine without one and people who are having money issues can just book for cheaper on cheapcaribbean.com. And we can just book with the hotel for group discounts.


Feedback porfavor!

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Here is a quick link to the Travel Forum. I see you are new here, so you probably had no idea that this topic has been discussed at length. Check out the link in my siggy for helpful hints on how to navigate the forum, but most importantly, please utilize the search function in the upper right hand corner of the screen. Happy posting!

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