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Has anyone gotten married at Le Kliff or Hacienda de San Angel

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#1 Naye84

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    Posted 17 August 2009 - 11:11 AM

    Hi everyone!! My fiance and I got engaged on July 25th of this year. We are planning a wedding in Puerto Vallarta. We really like Le Kliff and Hacienda de San Angel. We totally prefer Hacienda San Angel; however the price for beverages is over half of our budget. Anyone else run into this problem? Le Kliff's prices are a lot more reasonable, however it makes me nervous getting married at a restaurant. Any advice or suggestions would be sooo very much greatly appreciated =)



    #2 Jess

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      Posted 17 August 2009 - 11:53 AM

      Welcome Joyce! I haven't stayed at either - but we had friends that stayed at Hacienda San Angel and it was amazing....the Chapel is beautiful. Not sure about Le Kliff - but it looks gorgeous also.

      #3 Mishka Designs

      Mishka Designs
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        Posted 19 August 2009 - 09:35 PM

        Joyce - I think a lot depends on how private and/or intimate you want the event to be. Le Kliff is gorgeous but it's also huge - unless you have a huge huge wedding party, you probably aren't renting out the whole place - so it won't be extremely private.

        The Hacienda is gorgeous and there isn't another place in Vallarta like it. But the owner is very particular about what you can and cannot do and is pretty firm on her prices. On the flip side, it is very intimate and completely private (the chapel area, anyway - if you aren't renting out the whole hacienda, then the reception area, if you have a cocktail there, is also open to other guests).

        so, just some food for thought :).

        #4 autjo

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          Posted 20 August 2009 - 01:24 PM

          Here are some pics of the Hacienda. It looks beautiful!
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          #5 Naye84

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            Posted 21 August 2009 - 10:01 AM

            Thanks for the pics!! Still trying to decide between Le Kliff and Hacienda.

            #6 DB2B

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              Posted 29 August 2009 - 11:13 AM

              Hi Joyce! I looked at both those places as well! I think a lot of people get married at Le Kliff, but the downside for us, is that the dining room looks over the ceremony site, so diners can watch your wedding. Hacienda San Angel is AMAZING! It is absolutely gorgeous and breathtaking, but we decided against it based on both the cost (just the site fee was substantially more than everywhere else we looked) and we did not get a very good vibe from the owner. We met with a wedding coordinator during our visit, and they repeated what Mishka said - she's a little eccentric and has very definite ideas about how the property should be used/decorated/etc. Obviously, many brides have been married there, though, and the weddings are gorgeous! Good luck in your decision - let us know what you decide! Deciding on a location was stressful (for me!), but no matter where you choose, anywhere in PV will be gorgeous!

              #7 amandalsu

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                Posted 29 August 2009 - 03:04 PM

                I do not know anything about Hacienda San Angel but we did visit Le Kliff resturant when we were in PV last time. The food was not very impressive and the prices seemed rather high for the quality. It seemed to me to be a bit a tourist trap type resturant. The view is great but the ceremony site is at the beach level on one side of the cliff resturant. We didn't go down there but it was pretty far down if you have any guests with mobility issues you should check to see if there is an elevator. They also have a huge family of 20+ badgers (huge raccoon looking things) that come up to the tables and run and fight all over the resturant after dark. Some what entertaining, some what freaky, but not guests I would want at my wedding. A wedding party was sat while we were eating. There were only about 12 of them and they sat right in the resturant with all of us (not even a very good table). They spun noise makers and sang and clapped when the wedding party came in but they did the same for someone's birthday. I didn't see these people getting married in the wedding area, so they may have just shown up for dinner. There did appear to be a private room towards the back, but I believe it was indoors.

                There are some amazing resturants in PV but Le Kliff disappointed us. It is also very far from PV. It was about an hour each way from the hotel zone. We had great taxi drivers each way so the trip was fun but just be aware. We went to La Palapa on the beach and it was amazing food. I had read somewhere about someone having thier wedding there. It is not a private beach though. I think it is on Los Muertos but don't quote me on that. They also have Vista Grill which was right next to Villa Coco we stayed in. It has a great view of the city and bay from a huge deck, but it is up in the residential area so there can be interesting sites. We had a blast staying up there because we wanted something more "authentic mexico" rather than an AI mega resort that could be anywhere. But don't try to walk up those hills. They are steep!

                If you do not need a beach view, Boco Bento is a great resturant set near the base of the mountains and a river. There is not view of the beach or bay. I think Barcelo hotel is across the way. So you might be able to do the wedding there and the reception at the resturant. It is in a small budget hotel that is really well maintained with very nice grounds and pool area (that the resturant overlooks). We went there to do a tasting because the owner also owns Plush catering. The food was unbelivable. There is a big roof patio that can be rented for events. We might have our welcome dinner (or brunch) there.

                I hope this helps. Everyone has different opinions and I am a bit of a food snob (hence picking PV for my wedding). So take my advice with a grain of salt. I would recommend you take a trip to check it out and taste the offerings. We completely changed our initial wedding plans after visiting PV and seeing things in person.

                #8 sierra101010

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                  Posted 30 August 2009 - 01:05 PM

                  I went to a wedding at Le Kliff - and it was a huge wedding, so we did take over the restaurant. However, the food was AWFUL. I could not even eat my entree...and neither could most of the people at the table. We had shrimp scampi or some type of prawns and they tasted old/frozen, and had some strange sauce on them. YUCK!

                  The view is gorgeous, but the ceremony site was a few people sitting and most standing, looking down from above. It was pretty, but kind of strange. Also, I don't think they used a PA system, so we could not hear a thing.

                  The DJ/Dancing part was probably the best part.

                  IMO, I would not have my wedding there...nor would I recommend it.

                  As far as Hacienda San Angel, well I am getting married there! Ceremony only, though. IMO, HSA is incomprable!!! There is nothing else like it!!! It is so beautiful and so special. I truly love it. We stayed there for one night in 2004 and have been dreaming of returning ever since. Now we are getting married there!

                  I would've had the reception there, too, but I didn't like the idea of having the ceremony and reception in the exact same room. I did think about renting out the rooms of the main hacienda and trying to have a reception there, but I don't know how possible this is - I think if there are other guests, you have to stick to the main event space (puerto del cielo). If you rent all the rooms of the main hacienda, you may be able to have it there, but then it is expensive for you and your guests to do this.

                  Also, we wanted to "party 'til the break of dawn" and I don't think HSA is exactly the place for this. If I was to do it there, I would probably have done an afterparty at a local club (De Santos).

                  As far as quality of food, I can tell you that the food we had there in 2004 was amazing. The owner, Janice, seems to be a bit of a perfectionist, and has great taste, so I think she demands quality. We has a welcome cocktail hour when we were there that is standard for guests staying at the hotel, and it was chicken wings and margaritas - but let me tell you, these were "gourmet" chicken wings and the BEST margaritas I've ever had (fresh lime juice!).

                  I have read the comments about Janice, and I agree, she is probably pretty particular, but she does have great taste. And, if you just let things fall into her hands, you will be okay. But, if you have a lot of your own ideas about decor, agenda, etc., you may be better somewhere else. I will say that when we stayed there in 2004, we really liked her. She made you feel as if you are a welcome guest in her home - which is pretty much what you are, since it is her home. We came in late one night and grabbed a few beers from the main kitchen fridge - yes, we felt comfortable enough to do that!

                  The decor and feel of the place is just gorgeous! No one anywhere I've ever stayed has gone to that detail. Every nook and cranny of the place is beautiful.

                  So, for me, I feel like I am getting the best of both worlds - ceremoy at HSA, reception at private villa that has a similar feeling to HSA. Also, I think we may stay our wedding night at HSA. And, possibly host a family brunch there the next day. It was really important for us to incorporate HSA into our wedding. It is a very special place!

                  Hope that helps - feel free to ask me any questions!!
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                  #9 Naye84

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                    Posted 31 August 2009 - 01:36 PM

                    oh my gosh now im super nervous. I have never been to puerto vallarta but we put money down for Le Kliff on June 12,2010. I hope things aren't as bad as people are saying at Le Kliff, I've heard so many good and bad things about the place. I think its beautfil, but I have only seen pictures. Thanks for all your replies. I hope it all works out for us :). What hotels are near this area.

                    By the way: Janice couldn't come down on her price for beverages which was like 6500 US dollars. It was pretty crazy. I didn't get a good vibe from her either, maybe its just because she thinks money grows on tree's here in the US...haha..

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                    #10 sierra101010

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                      Posted 31 August 2009 - 01:49 PM

                      Your wedding at Le Kliff will be beautiful!!! Don't worry!!

                      When I went to the wedding there, we all stayed at Presidente Intercontinental - it was really nice and further south towards Le Kliff.

                      Yeah, I think it is just that Janice does not need the money, so she just does things her way or no way. That is the impression I got. I would really recommend just going to see the place at least...maybe do your wedding night there It is truly spectacular!
                      On 05.10.10 I will walk down this aisle

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