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It is a very crazy mix of emotions between us Feb Brides right now. I feel like I am on a rollercoaster......can't control my emotions at all. Overall I am feeling stressed because I have a huge paper due next week for my masters and I have totally put it off until now. All I want to think about is our wedding, but now I am forced to put every hour of my time into writing.


Had my BD shoot on Friday.....mixed feelings about that too......feel great that I did it, but it was a lot harder than i anticipated. I am the type of person that loves to smile in pics, but the majority of these photos were more straight faced (or the sexy look.....which I still don't get...haha).


Once again, you ladies have brightened my night. Thanks for reminding me of all the excitement and how fortunate we all are!

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Susie - congrats on becoming a Mrs. - that is great you can relax a little now huh? Are you changing your name? If so, are you buying one of those kits or doing it all one by one. I'm still undecided on when I will change my name. Since we live in China my passport and my Chinese visa has my maiden name and I don't want to go through getting all the name change stuff down until absolutely necessary.


Timberly - nice pics, looks like a lot of fun and very nice decorations too! Did you get some good stuff? Details... detailshuh.gif


Krista - Sorry about your last min. changes... that stinks. I had being put in awkward situations. Hang in there girl and put it behind you!


I had my dress fitting last night! It went GREAT! I've lost 8.5 pounds so far and I had to have the sides taken in 2inches on each side... yeah!!!!!!!


Latest picture... still needs a few things but it's coming along!


Click the image to open in full size.


~ Erica

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Good Morning Lovely Ladies

Krista that news about granny totally sucks girl and the fact that two adults are behaving like children is just wrong. Your dress is beautiful!!!!!

Timmy ... what can I say love the camera just lights you up... it looks like your girls did you well.. the venue looked amazing.

Brooke I hear ya with trying to help those poor people... my mother in law (yikes she is) called last night and I love this lady however she has no social filter. Old fashion European and will say what ever she is thinking. Sometimes I wonder, "what hell could she be thinking'. She just made some comment that with all this aide going over there they'll be better off that this earthquake happened to them. I know, I am still trying to breath. I was speechless... She just will say stuff like that and think it's ok.


Erica honey that is my dream dress your wearing, I love that look and I tried to create with using pictures of other dresses. You look amazing


Busy week ladies... I am done to 9 sleeps before I leave and two weeks before the big day. I have to say the stress is gone with getting married Saturday... I am flying high, my girlfriend came by last night to drop of something and she told me I was totally glowing.. I pretended it was the pre tanning... hehehehe

Have a great day... Oh TeNeil... Take it easy baby.. one step at a time... come talk to us more often... we'll get you to the alter

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Krista and Erica: Gorgeous dresses! It so exciting that everyone is finally getting them in! I think mine will come in this week...just waiting for the call.


Timberly: How fun, looks like you had a good turnout!


Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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Thanks for the encouragement ladies. I'm feeling better about that now, however we had some more news yesterday. My FI's sister always has to be the center of attention and it has been a hassle dealing with her. When we bought our house - she had to pull out plans that they were going to build. They ended up buying and of course it had to be bigger than ours. So now with the wedding (and she's already married) I thought what can she do to be the center of attention. She tried a couple hissy fits and I guess that didn't work. So I joked that she would say she's pregnant at our wedding. Well I was close - we were told yesterday (it's her second child). I guess I should be glad that it's not on our day. But we were told not to worry she can still fly. With everything that's gone on I kinda wish she wouldn't have been able to!! Not nice I know. Normally this stuff wouldn't bother me, but I think it's just everything and I'm letting things get to me.


Erica you look great and congrats on the weight loss!!


Wow what a shower Timberly. And Susie is right about the photos.

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kristah,you must go and see your grandma never mind what your aunt has to say.put a brave face on and say it doesnt matter then cry when you come out lol.i think its the whole nerves thing that makes things seem bigger to us.


teshy,hope you have a nice day weds.another big thing crossed off your list.


erica,beautiful dress


timberley,it looks like you had a great time.great pics.brill cake did you save us some?


had my holiday jabs today.i want to go now then the nerves will stop.its funny that susie gets married first yet she is fine.arent you?

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teneil,i understand what you are saying about the smil i hate smiling for photos and couldnt do the straight/sexy face either.it will be fine please dont worry about that he wont be looking at your face lol

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Susie - CONGRATULATIONS!!! that's such an awesome story of how you got legally hitched! Don't you just love how animals sense when we are crying/upset and come to console us? I was crying the other night too (about silly emotional wedding stuff), and my cat came and crawled right up on my chest and starting licking my cheek.

That part about looking into his eyes and realizing you are marrying the man you love - awesome! That's going to be me too....bawling my eyes out, he'll probably cry too - he's pretty emotional, so is our family, so everyone will probably be crying away! :)


Chris! That's a beautiful dress. You look gorgeous!! :)


Raykel - I'm so sorry to hear about your computer! I know that feeling of losing everything on your hard drive, that is why I now back everything up, and I own a Mac, no more PC viruses for me! I hope you are able to retrieve all your hard wedding work!


Sean and I are taking lessons as well! We are doing Cuban salsa lessons! :) It's for 6 weeks, and we'll see how those go and maybe we'll try another kind after that! This is the first dance lessons either of us have taken (apart from my jazz ballet when I was a kid lol )


Ali have an awesome bachelorette party!! :)


Teshy -to avoid tan lines I am packing lots of strapless bikinis for the beach, and lots of strapless tank tops/dresses for wearing around. I burn/tan/get tan lines quite badly, so this is how I'm going to avoid it! (Hopefully it works!) With your dress being a deep V, you could try using a very strong sunscreen, getting a swimsuit with a similar shape, and when going out and about, using a t-shirt, or something else that covers a lot of area to avoid tanlines on your shoulders, etc.


Shells- That is so wonderful that you have such a great friend who is so excited for your special day! I really wish I had someone to share all my excitement, but nobody else seems to be as pumped as me. Maybe once I get closer to the date, people will get more excited.


KristaH - I'm so sorry to hear about your family struggles and about your grandma. I don't like conflict either, and it's always so uncomfortable. Just try to stay positive, and let your hunny know how you are feeling and why. He's there to support you! :) By the way, your dress is fabulous!! Nice to see that I'm not the only one with a very big dress (thought I was crazy for that lol ) I love the silver detailing! And your arms are not fat at all!


Timberly your shower looked wonderful! Congrats!


Erica your dress looks beautiful! I love the pink jewel!


Wow...Now that I finally caught up on the reading - it was all weekend with no forum sad.gif I was so busy this weekend with school/wedding prep/socializing, and I had about 10 pages to catch up on! YIKES!


I know the emotions are rollercoaster (highs and lows), but it is wonderful how we can all support each other and feel free to share what is really going on with us. It's a very personal thing and I just want to say thank you for sharing and listening! You girls rock!!hug2.gif


On wedding note - I have started working with Danielle from the etsy site that Timberly suggested, and she is wonderful! I can't wait to see what she comes up with! :) pinkie.gif


I also found this lady on Etsy who does personalized satin clutches for a great price. I haven't been able to find anything in the stores, so I may order through her. Here's a sample. What do you think?


1 Pleated Wristlet/Clutch Choose your fabric by syl2830 on Etsy

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Beautiful clutches! I love Etsy. I got my wedding jewellry from an artist on Etsy, because I wanted something handmade and unique.

Thanks also for the tan line prevention tips!

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Hey girls! Hope everyone had a good weekend!


Susie- congrats!!! LOVED the story too. I can see you glowing all the way from Montreal.


Krista- sorry to hear about your grandma. With celebration and good there always is going to be a bit of bad. Don't let it stop you from being happy. I doubt your grandma would want that. You look beautiful in your dress! btw, Love the silver details.


Erica- another beautiful bride!! very elegant, good choice! Hi China!!! congrats on the weight loss! doesn't it make you feel so proud?


Funny how all our dresses are so different. I love it!!


Timberly- you are just the cutest little thing! you must weigh like 90 lbs, lol Thx for sharing the pics from your shower. Looked really nice.


Raykel- hope you have gotten your computer all sorted. *Runs to go back up all her files...


Teneil- LMAO at attempting a sexy look! I had a hard time just posing with my dress on for you gals. I can't imagine a BD shoot! haha Like shells says- he isn<t going to be looking at your face. haha


Krista.H.July2010.stalker.bride- LOVE the clutches! I may just order one myself. I haven't really planned on a purse... all I'll need is lipstick I guess and my room key... maybe a camera? is it weird to take pics on your own wedding day?


Shells- what's a holiday jab? popcorn.gif



So..................... I am not feeling so good today. Might be fighting something off. Better now than in three weeks I say! could be a good thing actually. Toughen up my immune system. Last night my MOH called and had all these questions for the wedding. It was super cute. Anyway, so she is a performer. Triple threat actually! and she asked if we wanted her to sing at our wedding. It hadn't even crossed my mind, but we talked about it and the FI and I think it would be really nice. What do you guys think? Now... when would be appropriate? During the ceremony after the vows before or during signing? Or during the reception?

Last night my FI and I were trying to find our first dance song. It's soooo hard!!!! i want to pick something that has meaning to me, but all my favourite artists slow songs are dark and depressing! We were at first going to do something fun, but I had a dream about that a couple weeks ago and it was a total disaster, so I just want to dance to a regular song. So now I have to think of two songs... one for our first dance and one for my friend to sing. I haven't decided yet if I am doing a father/daughter dance. Better ask my dad.

Opinions, suggestions, ideas. All wanted.


Also, I need a necklace. Not loving the 1992 prom # I had on during my fitting. There is something about it that just annoys me... now I have no idea what I am going to do. AHHHHHHH


This is me> monkey.gif

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