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February 2010 brides

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#2731 svetayasofiya

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    Posted 22 July 2010 - 04:16 PM

    Krista you looked absolutely stunning! Love all the pictures. Can't wait to see more and hear the full review. xo You guys make such a sweet couple. Congrats!!!!!

    #2732 Krista_H

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      Posted 22 July 2010 - 08:17 PM

      Krista your pictures look fantastic and you look gorgeous!!!

      #2733 futuremrsgoodrich

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        Posted 22 July 2010 - 09:47 PM

        Hi Ladies,

        Awwwww, Krista, congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You were such a beautiful bride and your dress is stunning!! I love the back! Are you going to do a planning thread/resort review so we can read all about it? Do you have the blues now youre back home? I love your tease pictures, looks like your photog did a great job :) Welcome home!

        How is everyone? We are good :) Remember how I said that our neighbor passed away? Well he had 2 feral cats that he looked after and so we agreed to feed them for him.... 2 days after that, the girl cat (who is relatively new to our neighborhood and really young) brought out 2 kittens! We were like holy cow, what to do?! This time last year a feral cat brought 4 kittens out to our (now deceased neighbor) and we took them in tamed them and found homes for 2, kept 2.... So anyway, long story short, we now have 2 kittens we are "socializing". We got both of the parents fixed (our neighbor is a vet and did it for free!!) and the kittens are coming along... but they take a lot of time! My brother was teasing me last year that I will become the "Cat Lady" and jeez I guess there is some truth to that, we have 6 cats we are feeding currently!!!! This is not a permanent scenario- that said, I dont know a way out of feeding the 2 outside cats. The kittens we have found a home for 1 and looking for a home for the other.... Anybody want a kitten?

        That and work and gosh the time it flies. I still have honeymoon pictures to post and an album to make. I also made my private practice official last week... been working on my business at 5 am before work (and 2 weeks left until I am working 2 days for my current employer and 3 days for me, sooooooo excited!!)

        No baby news here, I am going to go to a fertility dr in a few weeks to get checked out. Want to make sure my 36 1/2 year old eggs have the best ability to get in position. I dislike counting days, taking temperatures etc, and so have just been doin it a lot around the time and trying not to take all of the fun out of the process... we'll get our turn!

        I am still up for NYC first weekend in October if yall are able/wanting to? Id vote for going to a tea house for afternoon tea, doing a show or visiting FAO Schwartz and looking at toys for our groups expectant babies etc etc... like if we have a few things planned we could make the most of the time together... I dont know how do-able or appealing this is to everyone. I am going to make a list of everyone in the next post, maybe people can copy and paste yay or nay?? It would be really nice to meet but maybe a challenge as well?


        #2734 futuremrsgoodrich

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          Posted 22 July 2010 - 10:02 PM

          So who is in for NYC first weekend in October (I believe that is the weekend we talked about before)?

          Me: in if yall are
          Krista (July)
          Krista (Feb)

          #2735 futuremrsgoodrich

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            Posted 22 July 2010 - 10:10 PM

            How we met....

            Austin and I met off of Match.com the first week of December 2007. I had just landed in Florida, moving from the west coast to attempt to be closer to family. I wasnt sure if I was going to stay, I had been traveling for a few months. I joined match to keep myself busy, my parents live in Flagler Beach which is a tiny town and so I was just restless and not sure what to do. Austin was the 2nd person I went out with and we went for a walk on the beach as our first meeting and ended up walking for miles and miles. A week later, I left for Europe for a month and we wrote back and forth every day and it was the best part of my trip (getting his emails, he is a great writer)... when I got back we started dating and he always makes me laugh, is a total goof ball and so smart, keeps me on my toes. I bought a house a few minutes south and he moved in down the street. Best man Ive ever met...

            #2736 SusieQ

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              Posted 23 July 2010 - 05:01 AM

              Krista love your pictures girl!!!!

              Mark and I were set up by his boss.. he has worked for the same employer since he has been 19, so going on 25 years. I know his boss through the youth at risk program I worked with at the time. Mark had been single for 3 years and tried the online dating thing, hard for a single guy with a child. He talked to his boss who is like his second mother about how lonely he was and she told him about me and that she would introduce us when I came to visit again.
              Months had gone by and I called his boss and asked if I could come see her about a couple kids needing a job and I thought they work well at her company. She totally set me up!!! I came into meet with her and she bought me into his office, introduced us and proceeds to say "Sue, Mark is single. I must have turned ever colour red amaginable. It was the beautiful blue eyes that melted me away. I gave him my card and told him to call me sometime for coffee, he called later that day. lol We met for coffee the following day the rest is kinda history.
              There was times when we first started dating I nearly called it quits, Mark had a habit of bailing his ex wife out of jail. I finally said to him after dating about 9 months, you need to be able to let go of that responsibility in order to have a relationship with someone else. We went to Mexico on vacation together about two weeks later and we sorted out his feelings about still having to bare the burden of his ex and her mental state. I realized also at that point the reason I loved him was because he was such a caring decent person.
              Update in Sue's never ending drama! Step daugther is back home and she is very angry, total blow out last night with her dad. She posted some pretty nasty pictures of herself and her friend on Facebook. She was suposed to be at her mom's place and she took off to a friends cottage without letting us know. She lied to the friends mom saying she had asked her dad and it was ok. So her and the friend get into some vodka coolers and proceed to take some pretty interesting pictures and posted them. All of our family is on her profile and her dance school which has 600 parents, kids and dance instructors. Oh not to mention her 450 friends on Facebook aswell. Let's just say we got a few phone calls from concerned family and dance parents. Poooooor Mark, just couldn't console him last night he made her give up her facebook password to go in and delete the pictures (1wildfuck) what could i say to the poor guy? He was so broken!!! So yeah my house isn't a fun place to be these days... Oh and I have 30 people coming tomorrow for Mark's yearly family reunion. Just shoot me....
              PS Brooke have fun at the ultrasound and no they can not tell you what colour the eyes are or what he is going to take in college... hehehehe
              Love you gals thanks for listening... needed to vent...Sue

              #2737 teshy1

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                Posted 23 July 2010 - 11:25 AM

                Krista -- your pictures are awesome and you two look SO happy! Congrats again!!!

                Susie -- ack! It's neverending drama at your place, hey? Somehow you manage to keep yourself in check. I think I would've lost it a long time ago!

                Ladies, I love all your stories of how you met your hubby. It's neat to see how everyone's story is different.

                #2738 FutureMsMoulton

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                  Posted 23 July 2010 - 07:18 PM

                  Sorry Guys I have no time to write, but I am totally in for a NYC meet up the first weekend of Oct!!

                  Its a BOY!!!! We are super excited and going to do the baby registry tonight!!
                  talk soon-

                  #2739 TonyandTricia

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                    Posted 26 July 2010 - 03:08 PM

                    Krista: Gorgeous pictures!!! Everything looks like it was fabulous! Congratulations on becoming a MRS!!!

                    #2740 TonyandTricia

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                      Posted 26 July 2010 - 03:08 PM

                      Brooke, congrats on the little man, Miles/Jamison!!! Have you decided??

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