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February 2010 brides

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#2441 *Krista*

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    Posted 28 April 2010 - 12:59 PM

    LOL Chris - I just saw your message - I have lots to do so if you want to be my personal wedding assistant you are going to be busy girl!!! :)
    July 10, 2010 ~ This was the day I married my best friend, the one I laugh with, live for, and love... ~ Mrs. Allen

    #2442 svetayasofiya

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      Posted 28 April 2010 - 02:24 PM

      Funny thing about the Willowtree statue- I googled it. Well, it seems my MIL has one and I actually just commented on it on Sunday thinking it was cute!!! LMAO but in all seriousness, after I made that comment I was afraid she'd offer to give it to me (because she does that alot) and it wasn't something *I* wanted in my house. A little too religious for my liking.... not that there is anything wrong with that!

      But what a strange thing to give as a wedding gift.....

      SusieQ- we missed you girl! I like your idea for gifts for your AHR... *thinking of having a AHBBQ just to score on the wine and wear my dress again!!! LMAO

      Hope everyone is having a good day!

      Seems Erica went MIA again... I have given up on shell. LOL

      #2443 breens

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        Posted 28 April 2010 - 03:49 PM

        Hey ladies!

        Willowtree statues...I kind of like them, but not for a wedding gift! I have exchanged with a few close girlfriends, sisters and SIL's...but that't it and only one, the collection is a bit much for me.

        Krista B-Glad to hear things are moving along! you are much farther at this point than we were! FI waited until weeks before the wedding to pick out groomsman attire and it was difficult because of the large range of sizes, super small to super tall and big, and he couldn't do it by himself, which meant I had to help him and I didn't have the time, needless to say it was a "moment" for us, a learning curve if you will. I told him after I helped him that in the future, if I ask him to do something and it seems too early to him, to just do it. If promised to do this, I said that I wouldn't get mad and let it go. We'll see how that goes :) Oh, and we were finalizing uploading music to our iphone up to the point our car was waiting to pick us up, to the point where we had to load our laptop (which we weren't planning on) to finish when we arrived at the hotel. Uuughh! Trust me, don't do it!

        Susie! So nice to hear from you and yes, I agree with Chris, an AHR with wine gifts sounds great! Also, your "bitch in the hood" parenthood phase cracked me up!!! Too funny!

        Brooke-Where exactly are you moving to? You may have mentioned before, but I was wondering if it was near where you are currently? for some reason I thought youwere moving to some island...And I noticed on FB your last JFK flight...is that because you are moving? BTW how are you feeling, I hear all that you are doing and am jealous of your energy! Maybe I am just old! ha ha

        Chris-How are the photos coming along? I am still hoping to catch a glimpse! And I saw the ones you posted on the barcelo thread and wanted to tell you I loved the way your reception looked. It is amazing how different the locations can make it, but I loved your style and thought it was super cool!

        As far as the pregnancy I am 9 weeks, 4 days! All in all ladies, I think I am doing better. Getting a belly pooch, which translates to, can't suck in the lower little belly below my belly button. My jeans are a little tight around the waist and sometimes I have to unbutton my pants while sitting too long at my desk. I am hoping it stays this way for a few more weeks before anything drastic. I am really concerned about gaining this weight. More so because I have pretty much been my same weight for 6 years, before that only 5-10 lbs less. I am so worried that with my metabolism and difficulty losing weight, that it is going to take me forever to lose it. Other than that nausea only happens about 2 times per week. Don't miss drinking, actually the thought of it makes me sick (which is truly bizarre). Worry that I won't like it as much when I can drink again! Anyways, listen to me ramble on and on!

        Wishing you all a happy hump day, I know I am excited Wednesday is already over!!!

        #2444 svetayasofiya

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          Posted 28 April 2010 - 04:47 PM

          Sabrina!!!!! *look at me.... lurking on here all day long. Look guys, I am just NOT busy at work right now. I am dying... it'll pick up again soon enough.
          oK, back to Sabrina, LOL Did you see the slideshow I put up a couple weeks ago? There are only 15 pics, but from what you said, it sounds like maybe you missed that post. In any case... here it is Picasa Web Albums - Christina - Wedding Febru... and if you have already seen those, I do plan on making a longer slideshow to share with my friends and family (and you guys...) Soon! I am currently working on remodeling one of our rooms to become our new office. All I have left is a coat of paint and then buying and putting together the furniture. Once I have a proper place to sit and work, I will go through them all. Not that I haven't already looked at them a million times! haha I am looking forward to weeding out the bad ones. My mom was complaining to me (although she claims she wasn't complaining) that there were more pictures of my husbands parents than her and dad. So yesterday I actually went through all the pictures and did a count. WRONG lol I sent her an email proving this too, she now thinks I am pretty crazy. But seriously, it's hard to be objective when you are viewing 703 photos. After awhile they all seem to suck!

          Glad to hear you are feeling good, apart from being really tired (which is totally normal in comparison to my co-worker and her secret pregnancy) I wouldn't stress about the weight gain. I know I do too, but in the end the most important thing is to stick to a healthy diet, continue whatever exercise you were doing prior to the pregancy and try to ignore cravings of chocolate, ice cream and crap like that. Honestly, apparently we are only supposed to be eating like an extra 600 calories a day, so this eating for two is crap. I say eat what you normally eat and a little more to keep away the hunger pangs if you have any. Easier said than done I know. If you are conscious of it you probably won't have any problems. Anyway, in the end you'll have a beautiful baby and that is worth a few extra pounds if you ask me. Plus breast feeding is supposed to help. Embrace your pooch!

          I am currently enduring the 'two week wait'. I am probably not PG but this month is weird. I have been having cramping since the day I ovulated. It got really bad yesterday but faded a bit today. Although it's still there. I am 10 DPO. It's normal for me to get cramping 5-6 days before my AF but not 12-14 days before, so we will see. I am also really emotional. I cried at my PIL on Sunday! and I teared up last night watching ''The Hills'' and Heidi Montag's horrible new look. It made me so sad........
          When I am PMS'ing I get moody, but I never cry so that was weird for me.
          Anyway, I am probably just PMS'ing but I am soooo anxious to know! I should get AF sometime between Saturday and Monday... how soon can I test?? My husband thinks my symptoms are psychosematic.

          #2445 TonyandTricia

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            Posted 28 April 2010 - 08:41 PM

            Susie- Wine sounds like a great gift!!
            Sabrina- Good to hear you are doing a little better in the nausea department! I cannot believe that you are already 9.5 weeks along? Have you told your family yet or when do you plan to tell them? I agree don't worry about the pooch too much. As long as you are overeating it's all part of the deal!
            Chris- Maybe not this month, but I'm still excited for you to find out if it is or is not this time around! I think that you can take it 5 days before a missed period, but the longer you wait the more accurate it will be. You can get false negatives if you take it too early. Keep us updated!!
            So were any of you girls on BC pills previously? If so, how long did it take for...as Chris calls it...AF to return? I should have started Monday, but this is only month one and I heard it could take up to 3 months to start again. I took a PG test last weekend just to make sure before I went and celebrated my birthday and it was negative, but figure I shouldn't worry too much for the next couple of months anyway. Just wanted to know if anyone else had a similar experience?

            #2446 svetayasofiya

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              Posted 29 April 2010 - 11:56 AM

              Hey Tricia! I was on the pill for 15 years and when I stopped my period was very regular so there was no waiting for me. Everyone is different. Once thing I do hate about being off the pill, is instead of a 4 day period it last 7 days!! and my cycle is every 26 days (sometimes 28 ). I feel like I am permanently on my period, LOL

              I'll certainly let you guys know as soon as I know but I am not getting my hopes up. I was extremely light headed after my workout yesterday which was really weird to me, but I am probably reading in to every little symptom. I am due Sat. (if I am 26 days) but maybe not until Monday... If nothing happens between now and Sun. I think I'll test Sunday morning... I am very impatient! It sux because I soooo like to drink, but I feel like I should be avoiding it, yet at the same time I am probably just PMS'ing so I want that glass of wine you know? ugh

              #2447 breens

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                Posted 29 April 2010 - 01:58 PM

                Funny you mentioned the glass of wine, the day before I tested (which was 4 days before I was expecting AF) I decided to open a bottle of white that hubby had bought earlier that week. At first I thought it was gross, but we didn't have anything else, so I kept drinking it. I poured a second glass and started realizing that I felt like I was getting a hangover with no buzz effect at all, and the wine just wasn't settling right with me. I told Ed about it and he checked the wine and said it was fine, that it wasn't the best, but just me. Then to find out I was preggo the next morning. I hear that many women experience weird things when drinking and not knowing they are PG yet.

                Also, I do not want to get your hopes up Chris, just sharing, but I had REALLY bad cramping the day after I ovulated that lasted 2-3 days and subsided a little bit. I thought it was weird because I normally don't cramp until 5 days before.

                As far as the pill Krista, I haven't been on it for almost 2 years. I hate it and become crazier than normal on it, therefore we decided I wouldn't take it awhile back...we then went to the "pull and pray" method...which luckily always worked. I have heard many different responses to getting off the pill. Some go to normal right away (I did every time I went off) some have a few months of wait....hard to say when everyone is different.

                Anyways, Friday is almost here! Woooop woooop! I am really excited, I just love being at home these days and look forward to the weekends so much!

                #2448 futuremrsgoodrich

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                  Posted 29 April 2010 - 10:22 PM

                  Hi Ladies :)

                  Just got through reading posts from the last few days.

                  Krista, I am soooooooo happy that you were able to find a ttd that works for you as well as someone to pass the other one on to. :)

                  Sabrina, I am sure your baby's little pooch is adorable. What a blessing. Have you told your family yet?

                  Trisha, no pill for me.. I felt bad about that for a long time, like that I now have less eggs bc taking the pill would have saved my eggs, but the dr the other week said that pill or no pill the eggs go every month. She said we all have plenty of eggs until our 40s and that most months (when trying) the egg n sperm tango but implantation doesnt aways occur and that being older doesnt make the meeting happen less, but the risk of miscarriage goes up. My 2 best gfs both have 2 kids and both took it for years.

                  Chris... what do all of the anachronims mean? I know AF but thats about it.

                  I am still drinking (with glass of wine in hand). I dont typically drink that much (love my evening red).. I am very conscious of not wanting to obsess over getting preggers. Purposefully not thinking about the sensations in my body (as much as possible). I am just finishing AF. This past week I woke up with horrible cramps for the first time in years. Rhyme or reason I dont know. See how hard it is not to think about it?!! It will happen. Honeymoon is in ~45 days away. Interviewing for a career move. Setting up a good situation for our futures :)

                  Have any of you found killer deals on photo albums? I have continued to use Shutterfly which has good sales and the books are nice but I would like to make little ones for our nieces and nephews (like a bybof offer)... gonna do a search on here once I have finished this post.

                  Where does the time go! TGIF :)

                  #2449 futuremrsgoodrich

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                    Posted 29 April 2010 - 10:26 PM

                    Hey, in case any of you feel like watching a wedding, here is ours:

                    Wedding Video System

                    psswd: alisongoodrich

                    #2450 Krista_H

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                      Posted 30 April 2010 - 07:17 AM

                      Okay it's Friday and I have been up for so long now. I don't know what my problem is - I can't fall asleep at night, yet I'm wide awake at crazy hours. Don't get me wrong this is good because usually I have to really force myself to get out of bed - sometimes 10 mins before we're supposed to leave (hubby and I carpool as we work at the same place).

                      Chris - good luck - have everything crossed for you.

                      Alison - I got a code for a free book from Picaboo. I have not heard of them before or have not seen their product, but free might be worth giving it a try to see.

                      Have a great Friday ladies!! Oh I put up some reception (photobooth) photos on FB last night. Have a look, it was a blast!!

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