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February 2010 brides

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#2181 SusieQ

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    Posted 12 March 2010 - 06:01 PM

    [QUOTE=Krista_H;1215402]I'm still on honeymoon let down. Less than a week after getting back I had to travel and it was the hardest ever leaving. I just got back last night and am so ready to spend the whole weekend with my hubby - doing nothing!! Last night it was the cutest thing...we were laying there and he's like can we do something tomorrow night. I said sure like what? I don't know, but just you and me. He's so sweet!![/QUOTE

    I totally get that girl... the stepdaugther is going to her grandma's for 3 nights and off to her moms for four.... My son is staying at his gfriends for the week because her parents are away to florida.... I am hanging our with my honey........

    After I blow of some steam at a very stupid lady... Ok I have told you about my step daugther and her brutal mouthy little friend!?1? Well I come home today at about 10am and I go on facebook (ends up not being my facebook but my hubby's) and my stepdaughter is on facebook chating to this girls mother (while she is at class). OK!!!! this woman has a daugther in her class and she know the class times... What the hell is she doing chatting with a 15 year old while she is at school?
    Oh and she post this stupid comment about Steph being a great daughter and to enjoy her March break.... I am trying really hard not to send her the biggest bit@hass email........
    So I call the school and explain that she is on Facebook during class time and to go get her off. (we got an emails from two of her teachers this week about her texting and being late for class). So I m like where the hell is she, is on facebook and no one can see Nope she is in class and the teacher catches her red handed (faced I am sure).... Ok the teacher approaches to see this woman is asking steph's opinion on what she should wear tonight
    OH OH the best is ... Steph is at dance last night she calls around 7pm to ask if her friend could sleep over (ha NO it is a school night and your up poop creek as it is).... Then comes the Oh dady she is home alone her mom has gone to see her boyfriend in the city and isn't coming back tonight... We're like not our problem....
    Oh ladies it gets better!!! ten minutes later the mom calls here and asked why we were not allowing her daugther to sleepover. HOLY GOD!!!!! What is wrong with people?? It's a school night our daughter in grounded and what the hell your sleeping over at the boyfriends and leaving your daugther home alone??
    Am I from another planet or is this just wrong

    sorry another Sue rant!!

    #2182 TonyandTricia

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      Posted 12 March 2010 - 07:23 PM

      Originally Posted by krista.baird
      Christina you are 35?? No way!! You look 26 in your pics!! I wouldn't worry about getting preggers, it'll happen, just relax and let it come...no pun intended!!

      Krista H- How sweet...I hope you guys have a great weekend!

      Susie- What the heck?!? I totally would have confronted that mom and I think it's awesome that you called the school! I'm surprised they don't have FB blocked on the computers there. I'm guessing the mouthy little friend gets her traits from her mother.

      #2183 FutureMsMoulton

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        Posted 13 March 2010 - 03:17 AM

        Susie-- You defianatly should let her mom know what a terrible mother she is-- that is just unreal!

        We had a date night last night went and saw the Blind Side (I LOVED it) and then tonight we went and stuffed our faces at red lobster. Now I have to leave tommorrow until wens. :o( I totally understand what you mean by honeymoon let down.

        #2184 vdaybride

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          Posted 13 March 2010 - 03:32 AM

          Krista.. you are hilarious.. PUN for real haha.

          Susie.. wow! That woman needs a few slaps in a dark alley. How clueless can you be? How dare she call you up and ask that. She has some serious nerve! If you say NO then it is NO, like you owe her an explanation why her deviant..I mean daughter can't come over. Sheesh... nerve.

          Brooke..I loved blind side too..great movie..did you hold hands like high schoolers? So sweet!!.. Tell Justin he looked super HOT in that suit! In a virtual sister-in-law kinda way.. don't fly up here and beat me up! :)

          I put up my slide show, please check out my professional pics.. I sobbed like a little girl. The day went by so fast. It was nice to relive it for a moment.
          Married 2-14-2010 Dreams, Los Cabos


          #2185 shellk

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            Posted 13 March 2010 - 06:33 AM

            hi ladies,
            its just took me a couple of hours to read through all of your posts hope this lets me off the hook for being missing in action and proves how much i love you.

            i think its great that even now our weddings are over we are all still feeling and doing the same lol.

            susie,just wanted to say your rant got a smile on my face i missed those lol.

            i felt the post wedding blues towards the end of last week but now i just keep thinking to myself oh well our wedding is over with but now i get to spend the rest of my life with my husband.come on ladies make the most of it whilst we can.

            we had a great time at our ahr i need to put some photos on this weekend.our families had a great time and it sort of feels official that we are married now?weirdo lol.the mexican theme was difinately worth the effort.we had tequila/champagne for toast and all the tequila went 3 bottles lol.i was sober up until 9.30 when the photographer went (its hard work entertaining everyone) then we were late opening buffet so we opened that and i stood at the bar for a short while then danced drank more tequila and i woke up in bed the next morning.couldnt remember leaving lol.

            we still keep calling each other pet names and tonight we gonna do the date night again.

            everyones pics are great and im still jealous that some of you got to meet other brides from here.

            krista,hope you have a great weekend together.

            breens,hope your family got back to uk ok and its not been too much of an upset for you.

            brooke,your hubby will miss you as much as you miss him.hurry home xx

            i need to get my name changed on everything.has any of you had to get your certificates translated?on top of everything took promotion at work so i have had no time to do this even tho its important to me.so gonna ring around today and see how far i get.

            have a great week ladies love you all xxxxxxx

            #2186 shellk

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              Posted 13 March 2010 - 06:35 AM

              Originally Posted by Nicyx
              Hey lovely ladies, a quick question to all you who have been lucky enough to get wed at this resort already and be a Mrs :-)
              This is an AI resort right? Ok so i have read if you want an open bar in the resturant you have your reception at you have to pay $9 per head so they dont just serve house beer and house wine, is this right? (not that were bothered but guests might be) so just looking at all angles......
              Also on any other "normal" day cocktails, Vodka's, Bacardi etc are part of the AI package? so why charge at your reception?

              yeh they do charge you for the bar at the reception?and yes in the day it is all free.my advise is dont do it if they really want a cocktail they have got a 2min walk to go and get one.i think its purely because its an extra member of staff you need?

              #2187 TonyandTricia

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                Posted 13 March 2010 - 12:38 PM

                Shell, good to hear that the AHR went well!! Ours is 2 weeks from tonight and I'm just excited to put on my dress again. The only part of this marriage thing that is different is that we have combined our money and so he can log into OUR account and see my activity. Since I started my practice and don't have much money yet he is pretty much supporting us right now so he is CLOSELY monitoring everything. I took my dress to get cleaned for the AHR and I got a text a couple hours later that said "$263 to clean a dress?? really?" Ooops! I'll have to get used to that I guess!

                So Timberly, are you hopping on the baby bandwagon too?? Is your daughter wanting a sibling? We're going to try to wait at least 6 months so that I can get settled in my new job.

                #2188 Nicyx

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                  Posted 13 March 2010 - 01:13 PM

                  shellk, Thank you so much, that has out my mind at rest :-)


                  #2189 vdaybride

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                    Posted 13 March 2010 - 10:36 PM

                    Tricia, I said the same thing, cleaning that dress is going to cost me an arm and a leg. The average price is $500!!! When I researched different cleaners and discovered the rates my jaw dropped! So far it is still hanging in my closet, I need to get it cleaned ASAP though.

                    As far as the baby wagon, Khadira really wants a puppy so I will get her one so that I can keep her occupied until she turns 18 and stops asking us for a little sister LOL. Her dad wants a son and I want a nanny...sooooo things are kinda up in the air in that department right now :)

                    We are holding off on the AHR for now. Girls, I am a little..well A LOT disappointed with my friends and family following our wedding. It makes me not want to put any energy into showing people a good time and celebrating with them. I received a lot of well wishes, but the overall consensus is that people generally don't care lol. I guess I expected to get more cards, more gifts, more phone calls asking how married life is. If it wasn't for this forum and my immediate family, I swear I would feel UNLOVED. The kicker is... HIS MOM HAS NOT EVEN CALLED AND SAID CONGRATS, or welcome to the family..or ANYTHING to me. Remember she missed her flight and didn't make it to the wedding last minute ( I was secretly sooo happy about that I feel bad about that too, but she has been so evil to me in the past for NO reason...sorry, back to the topic) I want to stand on the roof top and share how happy we are, but I am not really feeling the love. His friends all know that we show people a good time so they are looking forward to the reception and keep asking him about when we are going to do it, but the fact that my registries are not fulfilled has me kinda pissed.. we ALWAYS give great gifts and good dollar amounts when people have weddings, bdays and other special events and I am feeling a certain way .... is this normal? We don't need anything we both make great money and have already built a great foundation for a life together, but still, its the feeling and the thought that counts.. what's up with people being cheap?!?!? Have I gone off the deep end? You are always honest and I need some honesty now girlies.. Thanks..:)
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                    #2190 Krista_H

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                      Posted 14 March 2010 - 04:04 PM

                      Shells - great to hear everything went well!!

                      Timberly - I'm so sorry to hear this. You learn A LOT about people when you have a wedding. A friend of mine warned me, but I didn't realize it until it happened. I had a friend that I was on the fence about - she didn't come to the bachelorette, she didn't wish me a happy birthday (not even on FB), didn't come to my shower and didn't even contact me when my grandma passed away - I have since taken her and her bf off FB. I do not have time for people who could care less about me. On the other hand it has brought me closer to the people who came with us and I wouldn't change anything for the world!! Keep your chin up sunshine. You have a great hubby and daugther and you are happy - that's big time!!

                      So remember the really sweet date night? Ya we were in bed around 8pm - sleeping that is ha ha ha ha ha I can't believe how tired I am. All that matters is that I was with him though!!

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