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February 2010 brides

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#1841 *Krista*

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    Posted 01 February 2010 - 03:34 PM

    Hi Ladies! I had a great weekend shopping with my mom! Found some beautiful sundresses and a party dress! :) My mom found her dress for the wedding and her dress for the rehearsal dinner too, so it was a successful shopping trip! I love shopping!

    Krista - I'm sooooo sorry to hear about your Grandma. I understand how difficult it is to feel so sad at such a happy and significant time in your life. I'm glad you were able to spend some time with her. And she will be able to be there with you now. She is no longer restricted by the physical world so she can travel with you wherever you go! *Hugs*

    Tricia - OMG skinny girl! You look great!! I hope I look half as beautiful as you in my dress!

    Teneil - I looooooove that dress!! That was my second choice of style and I think it's perfect for a Mexican wedding. It has that sexy, elegant, flirtatious look to it! It's great!

    Beautiful necklace Chris!

    Raykel - It's good to hear that you had a great shower! That's so interesting about the "used" stuff...tradition, eh? lol...

    Shells - I'm glad to hear that your hen night was such a success!! :)

    Timberly any new info on finding a new hairstylist?
    July 10, 2010 ~ This was the day I married my best friend, the one I laugh with, live for, and love... ~ Mrs. Allen

    #1842 Raykel

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      Posted 01 February 2010 - 05:38 PM

      TeNeil that dress is smoking! You are going to look smashing. I think it will be perfect on the beach - the combination princess dress withthe light fabric for all those layers. Beach Princess:)

      Thanks for the info Susie! That rocks:) Tomorrow....one more day! It is so exciting!

      Teshy...I have never had an issue getting US travelers cheques. I usually go to Thomas Cook - because I have travelled to some oddball places the banks don't carry currency for and would have charged me to bring in. Never had a problem at all with US anything though - banks or otherwise. I know you can get them at AMA to if you are a member. We are going to bring US travelers cheques with us....that way its not cash.

      The shower was fun...and it was a bunch of those questions. Every one I got wrong I had to chew a piece of hubba bubba gum! They took pity on me after one pack and had me start chewing hald pieces! That rotter - I think he gave some of the wrong answers on purpose! LOL...I got his favorite food and which superhero he would be...but kids! He alwasy said 2...in fact said twins would be nice because we get it all over with at one time. Then he tells her 1 My cousin just started laughing and telling me to put more gum in my mouth! Shoe size...yeah he tells her one thing - but it is not what we buy him - ever! Big brat! Oh well...while I was inside warm and chewing boatloads of gum..he was freezing his but off at work. See....karma

      Gotta run...had a week off and it has come to an end. A few errands to do and then off towork!

      Timberly I hope you are having some luck with the HD hunt!

      #1843 shellk

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        Posted 01 February 2010 - 06:26 PM

        teneil,omg what a beautiful dress.cant wait to see you in it.

        kristah,keep smiling when you can you know where we are.i have always wanted to do that kind of quiz.dont know if you guys know what show mr+mrs is but im intrigued as to how much i actually know bout the love of my life.

        susie,its really nice to hear you sound soo happy.is it the happiness or the drink lol?hope you are managing to get little rest stops in between everything.i really cant believe you get married tomorrow girl.

        kristab,glad you had a great weekend with your mum sounds like you had fun as well as success.

        raykel,so you have a big mouth uuummmm.sorry thought whilst the older dirty minded woman was away id fill in lol

        still cant believe im soo chilled when i leave on saturday.fi has taken my place.he went to pub tonight with his good friend who wanted to wish him luck he comes home after 6pts feeling sick lol.wait till he gets up for work tom.really 6pts what a wuss.

        if i have time tomorrow night im gonna do a mini planning thread but dont get your hopes up i dont have much to show.

        #1844 FutureMsMoulton

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          Posted 02 February 2010 - 01:58 AM

          OK Ladies--- Time to catch up and then share some fun news!

          Shells- Glad that you had fun at your hen night.

          Timber- How awesome that Chris went and found you salons... you are a lucky girl!

          Susie- I can't believe they mugged your brother soooooooo not cool. Thats just mean, glad they didn't get his passport.

          Ali- Sorry to hear that you're bumming with the fiance not acting like he is excited. Hope he catches the mexico bug soon.

          Raykel- The tupperware thing is interesting... maybe she will give me some real good ones later!

          TeNiel-- Your dress is awesome and soo pretty!

          Tricia- I heard from my wedding coordinator again finally. WTF? really!?!?! What takes you soo long woman!! On a happier note.. Did you get your photo of your bouquet yet?

          Ok so my bachlorette party was soooo fun. We played never have I ever and we all ended up laughing hysterically, my mom was there and we all promised to be honest... TMI!!! lol good thing shes as close as my best friend. I will have to post photos sometime soon-- need them from my mom's camera.
          Happy news for me-- Justin and I bought a condo tonight! We close on it 3 days before our AHR which is cool because now we can throw down air mattresses and have TONS of more sleeping space. YEA!

          #1845 Raykel

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            Posted 02 February 2010 - 03:48 AM

            Shells....thanks for the big mouth comment! LOL...it wasn't long after the game started they had me switch to half pieces. I couldn hardly even answer the questions without drooling!

            Your sweetie was blasted with 6 pints eh? Maybe he won't be as hung over because he drank so few? It is great you are excited and feel so ready to go. I can't wait to see your planning thread! I hope you have time to post it:)

            Brooke - congrats on the condo! That is fantastic and air matresses sound like fun...it would be a big slumber party after the ahr! Glad the bach was fun! I don't know if we are doing one here or not.....there are a few friends I know want to be a part of it that aren't coming to Mexico, but right now it just seems like one more thing to plan. I would be fine with doing something at the resort when we get there and told the girls that this last weekend.

            #1846 vdaybride

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              Posted 02 February 2010 - 04:32 AM

              HAPPY WEDDING DAY SUSIE!!!

              Hi ladies... I got in contact with two great stylists in the cabo area. I am super excited. I am just negotiating between the two. I just packed up all my cute new clothes.. I am so ready for this trip!!

              I still have BM drama though.. One girl STILL does not have her dress or passport last I heard. THe other one has an airline ticket, but did not reserve her hotel room and the resort is completely booked. She is whining about not feeling safe staying at another resort..being drunk blah blah blah.. at this point I don't want either one of them standing up for me. What a headache they turned out to be.... They don't exist until March as far as I am concerned

              Whooooo hooooo February is here!!!

              BEAUTIFUL dresses hot mommas!!!!!

              Brooke happy you had a ball at your party, can't wait to come crash one of those comfy air mattresses. Congrats on the condo!!
              Married 2-14-2010 Dreams, Los Cabos


              #1847 Raykel

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                Posted 02 February 2010 - 04:38 AM

                That is great news about the hair dressers in Cabo! What a relief.

                Sorry about the BM drama. Seriously the one who didn't book in time...her problem and lots of people travel on their own with no problems. She is just going to have to make sure the hotel staff book her cabs to and from so she goes with someone reliable.

                I second it now that it is after midnight here...HAPPY WEDDING DAY SUSIE!!!! Woohoo have fun and may it be a beautiful day too:)

                #1848 futuremrsgoodrich

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                  Posted 02 February 2010 - 09:21 AM

                  Yea!! Good morning ladies!

                  #1849 Krista_H

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                    Posted 02 February 2010 - 10:48 AM

                    Happy Wedding Day Susie!!

                    Timberly - congrats on the hairdressers and sorry about the BM drama. I always wonder what people are thinking sometimes.

                    Brooke - congrats on the condo!!

                    #1850 TonyandTricia

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                      Posted 02 February 2010 - 12:32 PM

                      Happy wedding day, susie!!!!!! Whooohoooooo!!!!

                      Brooke, congrats on the condo!! That is so exciting!! I have not received my picture yet They said I'd get in Jan 30, but still haven't received it yet. I'm gonna wait until tomorrow afternoon and if I don't get it I will email her. I looked up my confirmation just to make sure that my order went through and my credit card was charged, which it was. We'll see...

                      Timberly, Yay...so glad you have a contender.

                      Susie's getting married, Susie's getting married!!! The first February bride!!! YAY!!

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