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February 2010 brides

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#1541 TonyandTricia

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    Posted 12 January 2010 - 01:20 PM

    Susie- I'm so sorry to hear the news. I'll keep all of you in my thoughts and pray for her recovery!

    #1542 Krista_H

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      Posted 12 January 2010 - 03:06 PM

      So sorry to hear that Susie. She sounds like a tough cookie so she definately has that on her side!!

      #1543 svetayasofiya

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        Posted 12 January 2010 - 03:12 PM

        That's awful news. She is a strong 18 year old, I am sure she'll pull through. Sorry your family has to go through this.

        #1544 breens

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          Posted 12 January 2010 - 07:23 PM

          Hello Ladies,

          I don't know why I hadn't started writing in these forums when I signed up last summer, but here I am now.

          I am getting married Feb 19, 2010 at the Barcelo Tropical and am beginning to get really stressed out. I think I may have chimed in a few months back, but am wanting to reach out and say "please tell me you are all feeling similar!"

          Sorry, just had a pit in my stomach most of today and needed to share. I am sure everything is going to be great, it just feels like it is down to the wire and I am fearing I may have left something out...


          #1545 breens

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            Posted 12 January 2010 - 07:24 PM

            Oh, and now I feel horrible. I posted in another area of this thread and now just saw your situation Suzie. I am sorry to hear about your fiance's family member.

            #1546 shellk

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              Posted 12 January 2010 - 07:44 PM

              susie,im sorry you are having to deal with this at an exciting time in your life.i hate that really crap things happen to good people.on a light note when is your legal day?

              tricia,beautiful rings really.

              erica,nice flowers.i will also be wearing my ering on my right hand then swap it after the ceremony.

              brooke,sorry i havent ever licked anything cold either.but if i was honest i have had the urge before.

              breens,i think we are all starting to feel the pressure a little.even tho we are all really organised you start double checking everything.dont worry its normal.let us know if there is anything in particular bothering you.

              we went to see avatar 3d at the cinema last night its great.tonight my bf rang me to say we need to meet up at the weekend to discuss the food for the ahr and i was like why??her and her sister are going to sort all of the food and the decor for me i just need to give them the cash.thought that was really nice.

              i now have a pile of paperwork to do in my wedding inbox hehe.i want to check the packing list that i downloaded from here and write a paragraph for the minister to say thanku to our friends for joining us.will do it tomorrow have a real headache and wish this cold would * off.

              #1547 teshy1

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                Posted 12 January 2010 - 08:19 PM

                Susie, so sorry to hear about your situation. I will be thinking positive thoughts for all of you...

                #1548 FutureMsMoulton

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                  Posted 12 January 2010 - 08:37 PM

                  Breens- I know I am also starting to feel the wedding pressure. For me its more the vaniety stuff.. working out more, going tanning, whitening the teeth. Then my other major stress is the OOT bags! So no worries we are all here to listen when you just want to scream!!

                  Susie- I am so sorry to hear that. My cousin had the same thing happen when she was 18. She lived but it paralyzed half her face. I hope that everything works out well with Stacey she sounds like a fighter!

                  #1549 SusieQ

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                    Posted 12 January 2010 - 09:38 PM

                    Hi everyone...just got home from work it was a long day... I am very tired and heading to bed soon...
                    Thank you all for your well wishes for stacey, she is a very strong girl... last year just before her surgery she handed her mom a piece of paper and it was 40 things she considered her bucket list. (things to do before you die) She made her mom promise to share it with everyone of the family and everyone had to take something off her list and do for her. She said "if I don't make it, I want to live through my family. I took number 14) I promised if she didn't make it, i go to Paris and walk naked except for a trenchcoat throught the streets. I know she did have a site I was to visit, I forget now. I read it and laughed my ass of because she'd just get a kick out making us all do something totally off the wall in memory of her. I know she'll pull through... i just know it... But thanks again for being my shoulder...

                    Shells I get married Saturday the 16th so 4 more sleeps. I am very excited Mark has planned a limo to pick us up after the deed is done and the four of us is going downtown for dinner... He isn't telling me were... We were kinda worried about other people showing up out of the blue at my house if we stayed home to have a little celebration. My neighbour always ends up here and so does my brother. My son has a habit of inviting friends over without clearing it first too... Going out just makes it easier and special.

                    I have to go to bed ladies.... Nite.... yeah its 7.40pm... so what lol

                    #1550 Meyer2010

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                      Posted 12 January 2010 - 10:29 PM

                      That totally sounds like me! We've been working out hard core, tanning and I get my teeth whitened on Feb. 4th, 3 days before we leave for Mexico! Has anyone had the on hour teeth whitening that the Dentist has to do? I'm a little worried because I heard it really makes your teeth/gums tender and sensitive. Is there anything I can do to help that? Augghh. It's worth it though b/c I want pearly whites.

                      Susie - I'm so sorry to hear about Stacey, to be so young and have to worry about something like this. I hope everything works out and I agree, she sounds like a fighter! *Hugs* to you and your family! We are here for you! Wow... 4 more sleeps.... that is sooooo exciting! I have 20 more sleeps until we get "legalized" and then 26 more sleeps until we get hitched on the beach! Yayyy!!!

                      Shellk - I hope your cold goes away soon! Start dosing up on the Vitamin C.

                      We just booked our photographer today! I'm sooooooo excited and relieved. We got Ivan Luckie and I know he will do a fabulous job for us!

                      I had another crazy dream last night... I went to get my hair/makeup done and when I walked into the salon my dress was hanging there but it was totally different then my real dress. I had bright embroiddered flowers on it and a bright green ribbon (like you win in a contest).... I was like HELL NO!!!!! So, I woke myself up and tried to go back to sleep but couldn't.

                      Have a good night all you beautiful February brides! :)

                      ~ Erica

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