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Tricia, I am so sorry for your loss and I completely understand you dealing with the loss in your own way and in private. It is good that you are letting your body heal before you try again. I know it was so nice to have your hubby helping you get through your grieving process. I hope you are feeling much better emotionally and physically.


Alison, I had the flushing done after I suffered my first loss. The liquid must have made a way for my eggs because I got preggers immediately afterwards. Sending you positive vibes!!


What a great idea to start the FB page, I just have to follow protocol and post some pics. 


Sue, I can find my way over there to shake some sense into that child of yours if you want me to wink.gif


Shells, I hope you are doing well.


Sabrina, Teshy and Brooke, I am ready to bounce a kid on my knee.. hurry up already


To ALL of my February beauties, I miss hearing from you all. I am SO game for a meet up!!!!

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