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Hey girls... remember me? Sorry I've been MIA lately... pinkie.gif


Wow... I'm trying to get up to speed on what's new with all of you.


First of all, Krista.... I'm sorry to hear about your scary news. But, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that everything turns out okay. Sounds like you have a tough little fetus in there! Stay positive and try not to worry (easier said than done - I know!) I've read that some women can still have AF every month during pregnancy. Maybe your conception date was later than you think and that could make your date off a little. Keep the oven on and keep that bun cooking! Please keep us posted! *hugs*


AFM - Nothing really new except our company gave us our date for moving back to the USA... (((MARCH2011))). I'm excited and sad at the same time. It's been a great opportunity and we've been here for 1.5 years so far. So right now we are kind of holding off on TTC since if we were to get pg in the next month or so we would be due in February. I'd rather hold off and have a baby in the USA. Plus, our family wants to be there when we have our first. So, with us moving back to Michigan next year... we have a list of visitors that are coming to visit us before we head back. My 22 year old sister is coming in July, my BIL/SIL is coming in October and my MIL/FIL are coming in December. Quite a line up! Okay, enough about me!


Sounds like the weather is getting nice in North America! Shanghai has been getting warmer by the week. Today is 75 and by next week it's supposed to hit 85. Augghhh... the only problem with that is there aren't many places that enjoy A/C so we suffer. Last July it made it to a record 102. Yayy!!! Not! We are heading back to MI for a visit in late July. I can't wait.


I promise I'll do a better job and keeping tabs on everyone!




~ Erica

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ha ha ha ha ha how did I miss that Chris?? That's for picking up my slack!!


So back from the hospital and I need to head to an all day meeting, but I'm procrastinating and knew that I wouldn't be around the computer and needed to tell you guys what happened today.


So my pregnancy hormone doubled and it's where it should be. They're not really worried about ectopic because I don't have any symptoms. I have to go back on Saturday for MORE blood work. I'm at 420 and they said they should be able to see something on an ultrasound by 500-ish so they might do that on Saturday as well. So far they just think it's flukey. I told they lady - yes I watch TLC and she started laughing. She said that of course if I bleed more or get pain to come back, but other than that just to cross my fingers.


Letting out a big sigh here and hoping for the best here!!

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Krista- I am so happy to hear that! I have been thinking about you non-stop and talking to Justin about what you are going through (he has just gotten use to the fact that I talk about all of you guys by first name and even asks sometimes is Krista the february one or the July one! hahahaha) I guess all of us keeping our fingers crossed and sending you wishes and prayers has been granted!


Erica- Welcome back, we've missed you. I am happy to hear that you will be able to come back to the US and be with your family. You may want to put off having the baby a couple months because they won't let you fly in the 9th month and sometimes won't let you take really little babies internationally because of thier immune system being so under developed. I just would hate for you to have to be so far away from your family and friends because of it. :o)


Susie- Get that pool ready cause me and my soon to be fat belly are going to come and rock that pool! :o) I think I just changed the NYC meet up to Susie's pool hahahahaha


Sadly my ticker is totally and completely true.. benefiber has become my new best friend!

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Krista that is FANTASTIC news!!! YAYYYY!!!!


Erica - good to hear from you!! YAY for going back to the states to have a baby aroudn your friends and family, but I know what you mean about being a little sad too. When I left Korea, it was really hard to let go of all the friends we had made in 3 years there. I met lots of great people who I still keep in contact with. But, there's nothing like "coming home"!!!


Brooke - you are so cute! You make me crack up all the time! Benefibre - great stuff!! LOL!

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Hey ladies!


Krista-I am so happy to hear things are looking positive. Been thinking about you and look forward to hearing how things go on Saturday.


Erica, I agree in that waiting would be best. I am having a hard time not being near my best friends, sister and mother as I go through my pregnancy. I find that I am excited, but feel like so much is missing without them. I often wish I could move back to California, but that's just not going to happen. And, the girlfriends I have here are still in the going out afterwork to bar scene and I go home and sit alone, hubby works wed-fri night. It sucks. Sorry, to totally make it about my hard time, but I think waiting to get home will make it so much more exciting!


You ladies keep talking about the pool action and are making me jealous :)


Brooke, how are you feeling? I am finally at week 13 tomorrow and am not getting nauseous anymore and eating has gone into overdrive. I am moving out of my regular clothes and am starting to buy more maternity stuff. I have a little belly but it looks more like an overindulged beer gut!


Chris, Did I miss your slideshow somehow? I will check back through again, but I feel like maybe I missed it? I was hoping to see more :)


Well, I hope you ladies have a great weekend!

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Sabrina- I am almost 12 weeks and a little belly I have to agree on the beer gut comment lol! I spent all day painting a classic pooh mural on the babys wall and it turned out soo cute!


Hope everyone has a good weekend.... for those of u that can still drink have one for me too!

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Hope everyone had a great weekend!!!


Krista - Great news on your hormones doubling! I told you that you had a tough little fetus in there!


Brooke - thanks for the travel advice. I did hear that sometimes you need doctor slips allowing you to fly in your 3rd trimester so I know that is definitely not what I want! 14 hour flight + being very pg = misery lol

Speaking of flying with young babies, in February we were flying to the US for our wedding and this Chinese woman boarded with her mother, sister, sister's kids and her 9 month old baby. We start taxi'ing down the tarmack (sp?) and her baby starts crying.... she stands up walks to the front of the plane and demands to the flight attendants to get off the plane. They said NO, it's too late and please go sit back down. She said NO, my baby won't stop crying and I think something is wrong with her. The FA asks if this is the babies first flight and she answers YES. The FA calmly tells her it is okay and the baby will be fine once we get in the air. THe mother refuses to sit down again! Starts shouting "THERE IS SOMETHING WRONG WITH THIS PLANE!!! MY BABY KNOWS SOMETHING BAD IS GOING TO HAPPEN TO THIS PLANE!!!" now all the passengers are getting fed up with this woman and start making rude remarks to her. Finally the FA's tell the pilots what is going on and we start heading back the gate. 1.5 hours later the woman gets off the plane, they get her luggage off and we start heading back out (as all the passengers are clapping). Suddenly, then her mother stands up and wants to get off too. So, 45 min. later she gets off the plane with her luggage. So our flight was almost 3 hours late leaving China. Everyone is PO'ed the pilot gets on and says he is going to try and make up some time for those passengers with a connecting flight. Once we land in Chicago the pilot gets on the intercom and says "United Airlines ONE - BABY ZERO" it was the funniest thing ever!!!


How many of you have pools? No fair!


It's MONDAY for me today auggghhhhh.

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