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Oh my gosh, only 3 more sleeps! Just need to put everything in the suitcases. Of course, FI doesn't have everything set out yet; he's method of packing is throwing everything on the floor the night before, then shoving it in his bag right before we leave for the airport. As long as he has his attire for the wedding and his passport, I guess that's all that matters!

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Congratulations recent brides!!!! Getting so excited, can hardly work! We are leaving Sat night and we can't wait!


Tricia- I think the flowers look great!


Krista- Good luck on a swimsuit!

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Brooke - I'm so sorry to hear about your friend/bridesmaid drama. People can be so awful and rude sometimes! I think you have every right to be upset and hurt in this situation. They could have booked their site visit for the same time as your wedding - that's just laziness and poor planning (maybe deliberate - who knows?) on their part...I can almost empathize with their position on only inviting certain friends and family, because I had the same problem. Our wedding package only allows for 20 people to come to the dinner. More guest could come later for the reception/dance, etc, but we are only given 20 meals for people, enough cake for 20, etc. So I had to tell my aunts who were coming, that them and their husbands were invited but not their sons (who are really young, so even though they are my cousins, I'm not close with them). FI and I had to really think about who our top "20 people" are and who we really wanted to spend the day with us. I did however, make sure to let them know that they are more than welcome to bring their friends/kids, etc to the resort and for the reception, just not the ceremony or dinner. I'm really blessed because a lot of my family understood this, but some didn't and got offended. It hurt at first, but I just keep trying to remind myself that it's our wedding and we will be the one's to remember/think back on it forever!


I think it would have been better if your friends would have done something like that, told you that their wedding would be private and intimate, but they would love to have you down there to celebrate/vacation with them.


It seems to be true that as the wedding process goes on that people's true colors do come out. You realize who your real friends/family are for sure. Even those who can't come are totally supportive and talking about how bad they wish they could come. Others are acting like it's a pain in their butt that we are getting married down there. Just gotta keep our heads up and realize that it's their loss!!! smile03.gif


Tricia - those flowers are great! Much better colors and there are more of them! Excellent!


Teshy - good luck with packing! You need to hound that boy! lol!


Welcome home Ali- cant wait to hear all about it! :)


Krista H - Hope you find a great swimsuit!!



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Tricia-- its closer, but still not quite what you had given them. I think they will be very pretty though.


Teshy- Only three more sleeps is so exciting.


So MORE drama-- its been a couple of months but we had 14 of his relatives "suprise" us (I wasn't happy with thier suprise!) by booking their trip to mexico for our wedding, but booked off resort to save money. When we informed them that our guest passes were limited and they may not be able to attend and that it would cost $86 each they were a little annoyed. We got special arrangments for them to be able to come on, still was going to cost money. Yesterday 6 of them informed us that it was going to cost to much with the taxi costs and the passes and that they are no longer attending! I am so PISSED! They caused us to almost cancel our wedding and switch resorts because of thier intial behavior and now this!!! Sooo rude and I already put together their OOT bags and everything. UGHHHHH.


I have decided I am going to savers or goodwill and getting an extra cheap suitcase for oot stuff (maybe 2) and just leaving it in mexico!

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Krista- Thank you for explaining the way that some hotels work. I understand a little more, don't worry all of us girls will just be there to rip it up at your reception... you don't mind if we get trashed pool side during the afternoon do you?


I got a suitcase today for $6 at savers tonight.. it was brand new and i bought it just to leave it in mexico kind of sad!


Just to keep it fresh everyday:

Susie: Gran Bahia Tulum, Jan. 27-Feb. 11, (Married)

Julie: Grand Cozumel Jan 31 - Feb 14 (Married)

Alison: Beaches Negril, Feb 4-8 (Married)

Erica: Catalonia Riv. Maya, Feb 7-14 (wedding Feb. 10)

Shelk: Rui Palaca, Riv. Maya, Feb 7-22 (wedding Feb 15)

Timberly: Dreams, Los Cabos! Feb. 11- Feb. 16, (wedding Feb 14)

Tesia: Occidental Grand Xcaret, Feb. 11-18 (wedding Feb. 16)

Chris: Barcelo, Feb. 13-27, (wedding Feb. 18 )

Krista H: Feb. 14-Feb 28 (wedding Feb 18 )

TeNeil: GBP Tulum Feb 14-21 (wedding Feb 18 )

Breens: Barcelo Tropical, Feb 14 - Feb. 22 (wedding Feb 19)

Rayanne: Gran Bahia Tulum, Feb 21 - Feb 28 (wedding Feb 25)

Tricia: Moon Palace, Feb. 23-Mar. 4 (wedding Feb. 26)

Brooke: Moon Palace, Feb. 24-Mar. 3 (wedding Feb 27)

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I'm officially on vacation -- yippee! Long workday, but now I'm home, enjoying a glass of wine, and thinking about Mexico.


Tomorrow I'm going for my mani/pedi. FI did good and got his haircut today. We are staying at a hotel near the airport tomorrow night, so tonight is the last night at home. When we return, we'll be husband and wife, 100%.


Now that I'm done work, I'm getting super excited. My Mom and Dad are so excited, too -- Mom couldn't resist calling me at work today to see how my nerves were holding up...so cute.


Congrats in advance, Erica -- you're almost a Mrs.!

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Happy wedding Day Erica! Woohoo:)


Welcome back Allison!


Teshy....have a great trip!


Tricia the bouquet is beautiful! I think the colours are far better this time and once the wrap is done it will be gorgeous!


Brooke - I feel bad for you....surprise we are coming! Seriously did they not thing to mention this to anyone? One thing after the other as things come down to the wire. Whatever...their loss if they want to go all that way and then miss your wedding!


Good buy with the suitcase - isn't the stuff you find on sale or cheap always what ends up being a favorite thing? LOL


I don't have much new to add....working away at the wedding stuff and tonight I am just working away at work:)

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