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Ok girls here is the story.......We are having our reception on the beach and plan on providing dry erase boards with cameras for our guest book. We would like to put a dry erase board and camera on each table. Where we are having the reception does get windy at night time. To cover our bases I am wanting to maybe buy cute baskets, fill them up with sand and then stick everything inside the baskets, therefore, things will be less likely to blow away. I can't find any baskets I like that aren't $15 a piece. I just don't want to buy 6 baskets for that much......I am being cheap about this!!! So......... then I got the idea of buying beach pals and spray painting them in our colors. This would be a cheap idea but it might look too cheap. Does anyone see what I am saying? Our centerpieces are 2 cylinder vases filled with sand and a pink drowned flower. Next to the 2 cylinder vases will be small votive candle holders with tea lights in them.

If anyone can just imagine what I am talking about and help me figure out if the beach pails would be too cheap looking with the centerpieces I would be sooooo very greatful!!! I might be too picky also......I just need another brides help!!!! Thanks ladies!!! I can always count on you girls!

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Originally Posted by tdmitchell View Post
Dry Erase boards aren't that lite. I don't think they will blow away if you decide not to do baskets/pails.
I agree, I don't think the dry erase boards will blow away either.

BUT, i think you can make some really cute pails if you want to!
What are your wedding colors?
If you want to make the pails "fancier" you should spray paint them silver or gold! tie a ribbon on them, decorate them jewels etc. I've spray painted other things in my house like candlesticks etc and they have turned out great! just make sure to go to your local hardware store and ask them what sort of spray paint will stay on plastic pails.
Also, maybe just make one first before you go make a bunch, and even if you end up with one, it would be fun to use it for something decoration
Are you having petals or anything hanging on the end of the aisles? pails would be cute!

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Thanks girls for the advice!! I definitely know that these dry erase boards will not blow away but there will be extra pens and an eraser along with a card explaining what to do with the dry erase boards. Those things will probably blow away. After thinking so very long and hard about this I went to every store possible to see what I could find. I tried all the dollar stores in my area and there were baskets but not one's that I REALLY liked. I went to Shopko and they were having a HUGE sale on baskets. Each basket was on sale from $12 to $3. YAYYYY!!! I FINALLY found what I was looking for at a great price! Thank you so much for all your help girls! I LOVE this website!

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