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Dreams Riviera Cancun - Brides post here (new thread)

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#5811 futureMrs.S 2011

futureMrs.S 2011
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    Posted 18 March 2011 - 05:55 AM

    Oh good, I'm glad you guys were thinking the same! Still undecided.....I really want heels but bought flip-flops too just in case. I guess I'll just have to go with the flow. Maybe the heels for just a few pics??




    Originally Posted by TigerLily 

    No, this is definitely a good question to ask! I want to wear heels for the reception too (on the pool deck as well) so I hope a past bride can answer this...


    WestBacani- are you wearing your flip flops for the ceremony? I'm totally confused about that. I kinda pictured a barefoot wedding on the beach, but what if the sand is super hot? That won't be a cute sight at all, lol... But I also know that walking in sand with flip flops can be really difficult, with sand kicking everywhere (unless the sand in that area is pretty compacted??)


    If anyone has any insight, please share : )  I've seen really cute foot jewelry in magazines (barefoot sandals I think they're called) so I kinda wanted to do that for the ceremony. I'm confused too





    #5812 brookeh68

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      Posted 18 March 2011 - 08:32 AM

      Hi!  I remember seeing a post a while ago on here stating the cigar roller was 150.00 for the hour for 20 cigars. This was from a bride who was already married down there and used them. I think the quote below is ridiculous.  I recv'd the same quote from Lisbeth.    Im thinking maybe they got a roller from off the resort??

      Originally Posted by ursula 

      Hi Ladies, I wanted to pass on some info i got from my WC, Ana.  She IS letting me mix the Caribbean and BBQ buffetts and re: fire dancers and cigar rollers she said:


       What is the cost for fire dancers and the length of the show time? 

      Fire dancers is $800usd+11%taxes per 20 min


      What is the cost of the cigar roller?   How is this set up?   Can this be done through the resort too?

      The cost is $299 usd+11%taxes including 10 cigars

      I think $800 is a bit steep for a 20 minute show.  Has any past brides used anyone else cheaper?  and what is the current price for a day pass for vendors...i know this kept changing. 




      #5813 Rick949

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        Posted 18 March 2011 - 09:35 AM

        Has anybody out there hired the Firedancers? I would really like to see some photos!!

        #5814 FutureMrsRobart

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          Posted 18 March 2011 - 09:53 AM

          I was in the process of hiring them from DecoCancun but the $420 for 15 minutes and 3 dancers that they quoted me is now being challenged by my DRC WC, who is saying its $800 for 20 minutes .... as if the initial price wasn't steep enough.  Most lawyers don't charge that for heavens sake! 


          Us + 5 Kids + 34 Adults = 41 Booked

          #5815 Chelsey & Travis

          Chelsey & Travis
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            Posted 18 March 2011 - 10:22 AM

            I don't remember the exact breakdown, but I know that it includes credits to things like the spa (I want to say $25), wine upgrades, and a romantic dinner.  The catch is that with most of them, there is a minimum spending limit.  Also, when we went for our wedding, they were handing out the credits to everyone.  I thought it was something that was included in special packages, but that isn't true.  There were only one or two of our guests that used the resort credit.


            Originally Posted by JD Hall Wedding 

            OK for those of you with the $100 per person in resort spending. What does that include? Can anyone give me the breakdown?


            #5816 Sunshine2680

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              Posted 18 March 2011 - 10:51 AM

              How do you mean challenged? Are you not allowed to hire them through DecoCanun anymore?

              Originally Posted by FutureMrsRobart 

              I was in the process of hiring them from DecoCancun but the $420 for 15 minutes and 3 dancers that they quoted me is now being challenged by my DRC WC, who is saying its $800 for 20 minutes .... as if the initial price wasn't steep enough.  Most lawyers don't charge that for heavens sake! 


              #5817 FutureMrsRobart

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                Posted 18 March 2011 - 01:37 PM


                "I am hoping to use Deco Cancun for the fire dancers ONLY as this is a service not provided by EW. The fire dancers must be an approved vendor by the resort, what is this companieĀ“s name?  Please let me know how to proceed. We need to confirm the Fire dancers are approved vendors, we work with some that are approved. The cost of this show is $800 usd for 20 mins show that includes 3 dancers and 1 drummer. Any other vendor might have a better price but they do not guarantee quality neither they will take responsibility in case of any damage to the property. Please confirm."


                The black was what I wrote her (as you can see I named DecoCan and they had already been on my invoice anyway)  and the red is what she wrote me back.  Naturally I wrote her back b/c of the discrepancy in price.  I let her know that fellow brides on this forum had used the fire dancers thru DecoCancun at the price quoted on my original invoice ($420 for 3 dancers for 15 minutes) so why would it be $380 more for the same service, from the same vendor, at the same resort?


                That was 2 days ago. So far no response... :-s Shocking right?


                Us + 5 Kids + 34 Adults = 41 Booked

                #5818 BrookeAshlea

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                  Posted 18 March 2011 - 02:24 PM

                  Your pictures are amazing. I am going in two weeks and hav a few questions for you. Who was your DJ? I have visual sound booked and am so nervouse about him because I havent heard that many reviews about him and the ones that I have have not been that great. Any feed back would be great. Thank you.

                  #5819 TigerLily

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                    Posted 18 March 2011 - 02:57 PM

                    Thanks Winter! My name's Lily...I think I'll do the same thing...even if I make it through walking on the deck in heels, after a few cocktails and alot of dancing, the flip flops will definitely come in handy!


                    Actually, Michael's (craft store) has this "inspiration" binder displayed in their wedding aisle, and there's a picture of a basket with flips flops for your guests to take labeled Sm, Med, or Lg. I think its such a cute idea...maybe white for girls and black for the guys? (Our colors are yellow & gray, but I don't know if it would be nice to force all the women to wear yellow (?) I had thought about finding out everyone's shoe size, but honestly that sounds like too much work, lol. I figured I'll get the most common sizes, like 7-9 (women), with a few smaller and bigger sizes. The sign on the basket reads "Dancing the night away" or "Dancing shoes"...Love it!

                    Originally Posted by WestBacaniWedding 

                    TigerLily- I am def walking barefooted for the ceremony. I purchased flip flops bc I knew I wanted a laid back wedding & thought I'd just wear those for the reception. But then I decided I wanted heels....so I'll prob just keep the flip flops for something else...or backup if i fall on a wooden plank! haha! My name is Winter... so you dont have to refer to me ask west bacani! lol


                    #5820 SharonMydung

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                      Posted 18 March 2011 - 02:59 PM

                      Your barefoot sandles are soooo adorable.  I love them, that is definitely creative.  Your heels where did you order it from?  I love the I DO diamond studded at the bottom, very nice.

                      Originally Posted by sunkisseddreams 


                      I made barefoot sandals for me and my maids (these are mine, theirs have yellow crystals instead of pearl to match their dresses) which we'll wear for the ceremony on the beach:



                      For the reception, we're having it on the pool terrace so I'll be wearing these! Since they're 4" heels and my dress is hemmed for it, I bought 3 1/2" wedge flip flop for when my feet start to hurt!


                      And I blinged out the bottom with the classic "I do" as well as our wedding date :)





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