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Dreams Riviera Cancun - Brides post here (new thread)

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#2851 JD Hall Wedding

JD Hall Wedding
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    Posted 12 May 2010 - 07:24 PM

    Originally Posted by noonie
    i had my girls walk down the isle to adam sandlers funny song (we are a funny & casual couple)
    then i walked to the new song by miley cirus, 'look at you' it was amazing & beautiful, then after the ceremony black eyed peas, "tonights gonna be a good night"
    Good Song Choices!!!
    Now what about the mexican trio, anyone think about using them as you walk down isle? Are they able to play anything you request?
    Jimmy & Dawn

    #2852 21aholden

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      Posted 12 May 2010 - 08:28 PM

      Originally Posted by JD Hall Wedding
      Did you go out and get your own TA or does DRC set you up with a TA
      We have a friend that is a TA so she is helping us out. I would definitely recommend getting one. Everyone will book everything directly through her so we will have no worries!
      Ashley & Jeremy 6/16/2011

      #2853 21aholden

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        Posted 12 May 2010 - 08:39 PM

        Originally Posted by lilly129
        We're doing gold chairs for the ceremony and the reception (the chaivari chairs) and then we're going to have orange table cloths and pink napkins. Our centerpeices are simple, just dark pink roses and then little gold votives...which I'm still on the hunt for so if any of you ladies find some let me know!
        The cake table and escort card table will be pink tablecloths. That's my vision at least
        I was wondering if you are using the resort for the chaivari chairs. Yazmin just quoted me for the chairs but I didn't get a clear answer on whether or not you had to use their vendor.
        Ashley & Jeremy 6/16/2011

        #2854 pbjwed

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          Posted 12 May 2010 - 08:47 PM

          Originally Posted by AlisonJimmy
          What do all think of the fuscia and orange combo? I was going to alternate ceremony chair colors. Then maybe do the same with the reception tables. First Iw as going to do all turqoise..then saw the orange and fuscia and loved it. What do you think?
          Love the Fuschia /Coral Combo! thats what I am going with as well!!!!

          #2855 colleenandclint

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            Posted 12 May 2010 - 09:10 PM

            Originally Posted by noonie
            Just returned from my honeymoon & wedding at Dreams. Here is my review. Im going to do it in point form & please ask questions & i will answer them all:)
            Wedding date was april 28 at 5pm.
            It rained all day so we had to change the location to the upstairs balcony, was beautiful regardless.
            Dinner was under the oceana palapa near the main pool.
            Decorations were exactly what i wanted & had requested thru ana. i sent pics of exactly what i wanted in detail.
            send ana point form numbered questions & she will answer easier.
            i brought paper lanterns with us with glow lights in them.
            also brought fake orchids & vases with us, as i thought the price for centerpieces was insane.
            because of the location change (due to clouds & rain) the staff tried to set up tables with 4 people at each instead of the 4 tables of 9 i had requested. my mom found ana and made them do what i had requested so be have someone keeping an eye on exactly what you have requested.
            we met with ana the second day to go over everything. NEGOTIATE as much as you can, no prices are set, push for what you want.
            the ceremony didnt start until 530 as the judge didnt have the sand ceremony script, even tho it was sent 2 weeks before.
            ceremony was great.
            MAKE SURE YOU HAVE SOMEONE TO DIRECT THE FLOW AFTER THE CEREMONY. ana wasnt around & unless all your guests know where to go & what to do after, it can become confusing as ana takes off to set up the reception.
            I WOULDNT HIRE THE DJ THRU THE RESORT. it was a waste of money, they played crap music & i would have run an ipod or hired an outside dj company.
            dinner was great, shrimp cocktail was awful, broccoli/cheese soup unreal, spinach salad unreal & chicken or steak dinner amazing.
            staff was great, small glitches but overall great.
            we had a slideshow & screen, podium & mic. flow of the night was great, staff always asked how things were & what order to do things.
            we didnt have time to cut the cake, asked for it to be taken to a fridge till the next day & never received it.
            parasols we brought with us went missing that night. never recovered.
            we hired claudia rodriguez photography, freddy was my photographer. also had a videographer. THEY WERE UNREAL & I COULDNT BE HAPPIER WITH THEM!!! highly recommend their company.
            we were supposed to have the resort photography come from 9 to 10pm but they never showed up. thank god freddie was still there & offered to cover for them. screw up on anas part? not sure but it turned out great.
            overall my wedding was amazing.
            i had 44 people all adults. we are a younger crowd & maybe too rowdy for this resort. we had complaints & i didnt find the general manager too nice considering i brought over $100,000. to their resort.
            the staff was nice & helpful but we did run into a few staff that were rude & hard to deal with.
            chair saving is an issue at any resort but we always found chairs & areas to set them all up together.
            ocean view DOESNT always mean ocean view. if you can see the ocean at all, its considered ocean view.
            our room was amazing, fridge broke down once & was fixed the same day.
            lights went off sometimes & the water didnt work one night.
            sometimes the air con didnt work but was fixed fast.

            COMPLAINT: i brought the flowers & vases with us. i was assured my things would all be put in a safe area until we left. i walked by a wedding the next night & my decorations were being used for someones elses wedding. needless to say i had a stern talk with ana. wasnt much apology. also never got my wedding cake or the champagne flutes included & paid for in the package.

            Resort: Beautiful, clean, no complaints.
            Small, personal.
            Beach was great, they cleared the seaweed every morning.
            Staff were great, friendly & very helpful.
            Spa was AMAZING & beautiful, great place to spend the day.
            Food was unreal. Mexican was the only place we didnt like.

            overall, i was very happy with the way things turned out. small glitches here & there but that is expected. if i had to do it over, i would pick this resort hands down. i have been to all inclusives in cabo & the mayan, have been to hawaii, costa rica, & thailand. this was our favorite resort yet. suited us great, we wanted small & personal with great food & service & we got that. we will be returning next year for our anniversary.
            communication with ana can be slow at first but she deals with thousands of emails daily.
            i would suggest listing all questions in order for easy responses. she will make everything you want happen, just be patient. put your wedding date in the subject line so she is aware when your wedding is.

            if anyone has any questions, please ask away, i would love to help in any way i can.
            sorry that this review was sloppy & all over, im still recovering from 2 weeks of drinking:)
            amazing review, thanks for taking the time to write it. you have answered a lot of my questions. sounds like your group will be pretty similiar to yours. how about kids? were there a lot or no problem?

            like to hear the resort is not too large, intimate and great food. what else could you ask for. thanks again

            #2856 colleenandclint

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              Posted 12 May 2010 - 09:24 PM

              Originally Posted by brookeh68
              You will be there at the same time we are! Im not good with this blog stuff- just started so hopefully you get this- we got 155.00 for premium deluxe and 170.00 for the plunge pools- Our room is an upgrade with jacuzzi/pool and it is the same rate as the basic room. hopefully that helps! How many people are going in your group? brooke
              thanks for sharing the pricing. just one question....are these rates for 2011? my travel agents told me that the 2011 rates are not released till the end of may so I have been hesitant to set a date. those prices sound great

              #2857 reaganlane

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                Posted 12 May 2010 - 11:14 PM

                Originally Posted by lilly129
                I'm struggling with this too - I wanted something beachy, romantic and upbeat...so I was playing around on itunes and I found Tyrone Wells - Seabreeze and I really really love the way it sounds! And then I found instrumental versions of some other songs by matt nathanson I liked.
                I don't know what to walk back down the aisle to though - we want something upbeat and fun...

                I heard that if you rent the sound system the technician would just fade out the music once you reached the end of the aisle . Also if you're doing the sand ceremony it might be nice to have something playing then as well.
                I've been doing alot of thinking about this...I'm thinking a nice mix of songs during the seating, then "Somewhere over the rainbow" by Jason Castro for my walk in..."From this moment"-Shania Twain ( I just LOVE this song) during the sand ceremony, and "I Gotta Feeling" by Black Eyed Peas for the recession and dismissal. May change it but I'm pretty sure that is the line up! :)

                #2858 AlisonJimmy

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                  Posted 12 May 2010 - 11:18 PM

                  Originally Posted by 21aholden
                  For those of you doing (or have done) a symbolic ceremony - Are you making in legal where you live before DRC or after? I am struggling with this one.....
                  We are getting married the week before. That way we will "really" be married after our ceremony in Mexico.

                  #2859 reaganlane

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                    Posted 12 May 2010 - 11:19 PM

                    P.s. I'm so excited! Got my TTD dress today and it's so beautiful I feel bad just using it as my TTD. It worked out PERFECT! I tried this dress on in the store and fell in love with it but it was too much for my beach wedding and barn AHR (it just wouldn't work)...so I went with another dress (which I love just as much and it's perfect for my settings!) but it's not the "princess" look that I originally fell in love with. So...by searching online, I found a local girl who had the "princess" dress un-altered and brand new in my size for an AMAZING price! I LOVE it! I will now have beautiful pics in both my wedding dresses. I am soooo excited and just had to share! :)

                    #2860 reaganlane

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                      Posted 12 May 2010 - 11:23 PM

                      Originally Posted by AlisonJimmy
                      We are getting married the week before. That way we will "really" be married after our ceremony in Mexico.
                      We are getting married at the court house before we head to Mexico. Wanted to do it 10-10-10 but i will be far off from our 10-26-10 wedding so now we're going 10-20-10.

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