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Dreams Riviera Cancun - Brides post here (new thread)

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#11201 Savs1027

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    Posted 10 April 2013 - 02:30 PM

    Originally Posted by kerrimaxwell 

    Thank You SO much Lori, Savannah, and Ashley!  I contacted my travel agent today to get a handle on the having no planner thing! I know they are bad about responding...but I really think we might be lost in no mans land! LOL! Since our planner left, I'm just not sure we have been taken over. I am happy to have those other two emails and will try one of them directly and hopefully that will work!


    I DO have a confirmation letter that our reception with the Ultimate Package is at Seaside Grill... so I will assume it is shut down.


    I also want to have a buffet... I didn't think I had enough people but hopefully that is something I can request if I ever get a hold of them! We HATE everything on our offered Gold menu.


    I am wondering... where did everyone else use their Mariachi Trio? I liked the idea of them for the ceremony mainly because I don't want to miss them at the Cocktail Hour. It looks like we will be "forced" to have the cocktail hour since with our small group we can't exchange it for much. it does seem like the perfect place and amount of time for the trio is the cocktail hour.. though I have sen people say they used them for ceremony and loved it.


    Did anyone use Mariachi for ceremony, sound system for cocktail hour, DJ for reception? Can you get away with no music at all for the cocktail hour since I assume there is a lot going on around you?




    Ashley... do you feel the dance floor is a necessity in the Seasde Grill? We had no intention of getting it... I just have read SO many positive reviews about it that is making me wonder if we should go for it. It's a lot of money right?


    Thanks again SO much girls... you've helped me take it down a few notches!

    If you have the confirmation letter saying you're in the seaside grill for your reception, the I would also assume that it would be shut down. There's just no way to have a reception in there with other people. 


    They originally told us 40 people was minimum for the buffet but I told Lorena that we didn't like any of the plated dinners and she said she could do minimum of 20 people. We had the Mexican buffet and it was excellent!! 

    We had the mariachi band playing during our "fake" cocktail hour by the beach bar. It was so cool and everyone loved them! It was also nice because we got to take pictures with them too! 


    I loved having the dance floor. I think it totally changes how pictures look and just makes everything look WOW!!! haha

    #11202 rlauri36

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      Posted 10 April 2013 - 04:58 PM

      Hi girls!!! I'm getting married May 24th 2013 and believe it or not I've just joined this site!!!! Boy have I been missing out!!! I have enjoyed reading and learning so much through BDW. Anyone getting married the week of May 20th??

      #11203 rlauri36

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        Posted 10 April 2013 - 05:01 PM

        Hi girls!!! I'm getting married May 24th 2013 and believe it or not I just joined this site!!!! I've been missing out!! I will say I enjoy reading and learning from you ladies!!!! Is anyone getting married the week of May 20th!!!???

        #11204 JustNoelle

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          Posted 11 April 2013 - 08:49 AM

          Hello Brides,


          I am purchasing my linens but before I do have a few questions. For those who purchased their own linens:

          • How many yards of fabric (chiffon or organza?) should I get for the chuppah? I was thinking about 6 yards per color.
          • How many small tables do they put out for cocktail hour? And what are the cocktail table measurements? We're having our cocktail hour at North Jacuzzi.
          • What size is the guestbook/place-card table?
          • What size overlays should I purchase for the wedding guests? I was going to purchase 72x72.


          Thanks in advance! 

          #11205 DWB2B2014

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            Posted 11 April 2013 - 09:10 AM

            Originally Posted by Savs1027 

            We only had 35 people on the pool deck. I think that the 60 person limit is a new requirement and if you booked before a certain date they are still allowing the pool deck. 

            I hope I can get it! I've heard from all of you lovely brides how great it is! I will have my wedding planner try again. My thought is that I would not have to pay for the dance floor if we have it on the pool deck. We could just line it out with some accent lighting. On the beach its pretty much a requirement. Crossing fingers!!

            #11206 DWB2B2014

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              Posted 11 April 2013 - 09:15 AM

              Originally Posted by bgarcia1026 


              Hi DWB2B2014,

              I had always told my coordinator that I was expecting 40-50 people to attend and it wasn't an issue.  I don't know if it is because we are having a late reception on a Friday and no one else is booked?

              I thinks Savs is right. It is probably a new requirement and I missed out. Hopefully it will be free if not the beach will be lovely as well. Can't complain with that view!

              #11207 elsa s

              elsa s
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                Posted 11 April 2013 - 09:28 AM

                I have 50 ppl in total and im booked for seaside grill... hoping this wont be an issue 

                #11208 Jendev

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                  Posted 11 April 2013 - 11:50 AM

                  I know how frustrated you feel! But after reading all reviews and getting my questions answered from girls on here, it was actually way more helpful than the actual wedding planners because the communication is so choppy and delayed! I did not have anything but my times and locations 3 months before our wedding either. They told me they would send over all the info, choices, etc... at the 3 month mark. I luckily got it from a girl on here so I knew basically what I wanted (menu options, cake, etc...) but I did have to email them twice asking for the documents and help planning at the 3 month mark. We still got everything done and decided on. You can also change pretty much anything you want while there! We actually did not have to request or pay for a microphone for our ceremony. They just had one there waiting for us. We did, however, rent the sound system for the ceremony so I'm not sure if that's why they had the microphone there for us. The DJ ran the sound system for us at the ceremony.  The officiant read the script for our sand ceremony but I'm sure if you'd like someone else to read it, they can.  We ALSO did not have our cocktail location confirmed with our original times and locations. We ended up going with the Jacuzzi location but the day of our wedding, it looked like rain so they moved us to outside the entrance of the Desires nightclub. This location was awesome and it was also covered by a clear glass ceiling but you get the outdoor feel at the same time (it ended up not raining but I still liked this location better). I loved both the location and the cocktail hour. We used the mariachi band for this part of the night but I think even a sound system with iPod would be fine. I think guests would most likely hang out at the Lobby Bar if you decided not to use the cocktail hour - especially since you are having a small number of guests. We have 25 people total so it sounds pretty similar to us :) Our guests actually hung out at the lobby bar between the ceremony and "official" cocktail hour because I spaced out the times so there would be time for our couple photo session and time for us to enjoy the cocktail hour. It worked out great and when the cocktail set up was ready, Gina and Jorge went to the lobby to get all our guests :) If you were offered and confirmed the Seaside Grill for your reception, it is closed down for your event. We ALSO had our reception at the Seaside haha. And like I said, we ended up with 25 people total and we fit perfectly. A few more people could have even fit. It was the perfect venue for the size. We had the DJ - we also couldn't decide if it was worth it since we were only having a small number of people but then we thought "well, it is our WEDDING so we don't want to regret or miss out on anything." We ended up having the DJ, dance floor, and buffet style set up for our menu and it all fit in the Seaside Grill along with all our tables. Since there won't be other people in the restaurant, the DJ will just be there for your guys and he will announce everything (cake cutting, introduce you, dances, anything you want really!). If you do decide to go with the DJ, you will meet him beforehand and go over everything when you get down there. For us, it helped keep our party on track and moved through the speeches and dinner nicely so we had more time for the party. We didn't add on anytime so we ended up having about 1 1/2 hours for dancing and surprisingly every single one of our guests was on the dance floor so we were so happy we splurged for the DJ cost, dance floor, and everything.  Hope this helps and if you have any other questions, I might be able to help since it sounds like we had similar locations and guest count! Good luck!! It will all be worth the stress in the end! 

                  We have about the same amount of guests. How much extra did you pay for seaside? Right now we have our reception on the pool terrace but I'm not too thrilled with that location!

                  #11209 bgarcia1026

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                    Posted 12 April 2013 - 08:53 AM

                    Hi Everyone,

                    Can anyone give me information about the lighting?  We are thinking about doing the 20 light posts but it's $700 bucks plus 11% tax.  How many of these posts do you get?  It looks like there are 10 lanterns per post, so I'm assuming it would be two right.


                    Did anyone else bring or do other lighting options?  We were also thinking about doing luminaries but I don't know how much light that would give off.



                    #11210 ashley822

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                      Posted 12 April 2013 - 09:08 AM

                      Originally Posted by Jendev 

                      We have about the same amount of guests. How much extra did you pay for seaside? Right now we have our reception on the pool terrace but I'm not too thrilled with that location!


                      We paid $1146.00 extra for the Seaside Grill. They quoted us this before we even gave a total number of guests so I'm still not completely sure where this came from haha. My understanding was to close a restaurant is it the $35/pp + the 15% auto grat/pp + 11% fee/pp. Then I thought there was maybe a minimum number of people they charged for (such as 30 guests) but I am really not sure where the number came from. It ALMOST worked out for our 25 guest number but since we had our hearts set on that location after seeing pictures and not being thrilled with the other options, we didn't have too many other extras so we just said fine and agreed to book it :) 

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